Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to Prevent Fake Tanning Disasters

Fake tanning can be amazing when you get it right, but when things don’t quite go to plan, the results can be rather embarrassing! Many tanning disasters are easy to avoid though, and even if you’ve already made the error, they can be easily fixed. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common tanning problems, and provide solutions for ensuring that you look your best while searching for that golden glow. 

Stained clothing and bedding

Fake tanning products can be very intense when they transfer onto materials, and it can be tricky to get rid of the stains. To avoid the issue, dedicate an old, dark coloured outfit for wearing after you’ve applied your favoured product. You might want to make sure that you’re using old bedding too, to avoid ruining your best sheets. 

In the event that you do mark your clothing or sheets, wash them straight away on a hot wash. 

Streaks and blotches 

If your tan isn’t even, it’s probably the result of poor preparation. You should always shave the day prior to application, exfoliate well, and use plenty of moisturiser. This is especially important for dry areas such as knees, elbows and hands. 

If you do have streaks or blotches, use an beaded exfoliator to minimise the problem. 

Orange palms

Bright orange palms are one of the most common fake tanning sins, but they’re really easy to avoid. As soon as you’ve applied your product, wash your hands thoroughly, using a gentle exfoliator on the palms. 

Again, if you’ve missed this part out of your tanning routine, you can rectify the situation by using some exfoliator. 


Once you’re bronzed and beautiful, you’ll want the keep it looking fresh and intense for as long as possible. One way to do this is by choosing a product that builds up over time, rather than something that’s intended for a one-off usage. BeauBronz’s Gradual Tanner is a fantastic option here. 

To keep your skin looking vibrant in between applications, make sure that you moisturise your skin at least once each and every day. 

Have you ever had a tanning disaster? What tips would you share with others who are looking for a great all-over glow? 


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Elf On The Shelf - An Introduction

So my favourite time of year has finally arrived, the countdown to Christmas!
Having two young girls who are now old enough to fully understand Christmas this year, i decided to have as much fun as possible every single day so they can grow up to enjoy this magical time as much as i do.

Some of you have heard about 'The Elf On The Shelf' (if you haven't it explains everything here). This year i finally decided to start the tradition in my own family and we are already having so much fun.

Our Elf arrived with a fun North Pole breakfast for the girls on November 30th and together we decided to call our cheeky little elf, Buddy.

Buddy brought the girls custard and jam donuts, cups of hot chocolate and a cup of milk with candy canes (they made the milk turn pink!). They were also left a little bag full of North Pole treats including 'snowballs' to throw in their hot chocolate (mini marshmallows) a chocolate elf, a sherbet candy cane and a tin of mini chocolate Santas. They loved having such a fun breakfast while Mummy read 'The Elf On The Shelf' book.

I hope to be back blogging a lot more often now, especially about all the fun christmas activities and bargains i come up with.

Do you have any fun Christmas traditions in your house?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My AWFUL ASDA experience.

This is what the wetness from the bags did to my leggings!!

I feel like i haven't posted on here in years but then again 3 months in blogging time probably equates to years anyway.
I am blogging today because i am highly frustrated and annoyed with a recent online shopping experience.
It wasn't the usual fashion or beauty haul, oh no! I placed a grocery order from ASDA.
So i placed my order on the 11th of October and booked it to be delivered between 1pm-3pm the following day.
Sure enough at around 2pm on Friday the 12th my order arrived, i signed for it and took it to my kitchen.
When i was unpacking my food i noticed the carrier bags containing the food were wet and i could smell a strong smell of bleach. I put two and two together and sure enough the wetness on the bags had bleached and ruined my clothes. 
I started to worry about the bleach being all over my food shopping so rang the ASDA customer services and this is where it all went downhill. (i actually emailed initially but because of the seriousness of the matter i decided to call)
The lady i called was clueless and couldn't understand that i didn't want any of the food any more because it could well all be contaminated with bleach. She kept offering me a refund for my damaged item..... 'Lady, ALL my items are damaged!!'
After a lot of talking and not getting anywhere she put me through to the store manager who was equally unhelpful.
She proceeded to tell me she had no idea what it could have been, she insisted it couldn't have been any cleaning products they use in the delivery van like i had suggested and it couldn't have been any bleach that had spilt in the van because the food is all stored in different compartments.
Eventually she decided to offer to pick all the food back up the following day and then re-deliver it in a day or two, NOT good enough in my opinion. I was busy the following day (I was actually admitted to hospital at midday due to severe stomach pains...) so declined. She then went on to offer me a partial refund for my shopping....again NOT good enough in my opinion however at this point i had been trying to resolve the issue for hours and seemed to be getting nowhere so gave in and accepted the partial refund. She explained it would be issued and would be credited to my bank within 7 days.

Now, the next day, as i mentioned previously, i was admitted into hospital with severe stomach pains and stayed there for almost 6 days so was unable to pursue the matter any further regarding the ruined clothes and the refund.

On the 22nd at home i decided to check my bank account and noticed i had still not received any refund nor any response to previous emails so I decided to call ASDA and once again I received atrocious customer services. I was offered the usual refund for THE item damaged no matter how many times i tried to explain my whole order was unacceptable. Eventually the lady at customer services told me she has no authority to issue a refund and couldn't direct me to anybody who could.

I am now at a loss at what to do next, everybody i try to contact say they cant help and wont direct me to somebody who can. I am out of pocket and i have ruined clothes.

All i can assume is ASDA are happy to let me and my young daughters eat food which is potentially contaminated with bleach?!

One thing is for sure, i will NEVER be shopping there again. Think of it this way ASDA, because you couldn't help sort out my £40 order you will now be loosing out on my £100 food shops for the rest of my life, such a stupid move on your part.

At a last ditch attempt i will be writing to head office regarding this whole fiasco however i won't hold my breath.

Have you ever had an awful shopping experience and were the customer services as atrocious as this?!