Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How to: Dye your hair red

My hair has been in desperate need of re-dying recently but i just didn't have the time but i'm so happy to say I finally got round to it this weekend wahoo!

I've had red hair for over a year now but the bright red barnet has become a massive trend especially since many celebrities decided to rock the red locks, Rihanna being one of my personal favourites.

Doesn't she look absolutely amazing?! wow!

I have to be honest, as much as i love my red hair it is a total pain to get it the way it is and then maintain it. So if your anything like me, (somebody not particularly great at haircare) then expect the colour to fade and expect it to happen fast. 
Luckily i quite like the colour my hair fades to so i'm never in too much of a panic or hurry to re-dye it.

If you are wanting to dye your hair red for the first time i strongly suggest taking a little bit of time to make sure you find the perfect shade to suit you. There is a pretty extensive range of different shades  available so the perfect one is out there i promise.

If you have a cooler skin tone (usually natural blondes) then i suggest ruby reds and burgundy colours whereas those with a warmer skin tone (brunettes) i would go with a more brick red or terracotta.

Personally when it comes to red hair i prefer at home permanent box colours even over going to a professional hairdresser. I wouldn't even bother looking at semi permanent colours. Permanent colours fade fast enough so i can't even imagine how quickly a semi permanent would. but of course it is entirely your choice.

Okay so finally once you have your choice of colour you are ready to get dying.
I personally use Schwarzkop Live Color XXL in 'Real Red'. I have hair that goes slightly past my shoulders and i need to use two boxes.

Since my hair was previously dyed i started (or should i say my mum) by applying the dye to my roots using a hair colouring brush. You can buy these almost anywhere, i actually got mine in a set with a little mixing bowl from the pound shop.
(image courtesy of google since i forgot to photograph mine d'oh!)

So once the dye was applied all over my roots, we then left that for a few minutes before starting to apply the dye to the rest of my hair. Once you have finished that and applied the dye all over your hair that needs to be left for around 15 minutes before rinsing off.
When it comes to rinsing the dye out of your hair i strongly suggest using cold-luke warm water. Hot water will just encourage the colour to run.

Once you have achieved the red colour you wanted i'm guessing you want to keep it that way and THAT is the hardest part. 

So here are a few tips i use to try and keep my hair bright.

First of all, try and limit how much you wash your hair. This is the hardest one for me since i like to wash my hair on a daily basis but oh well, never mind.

When you DO wash your hair, try to keep the temperature of the water as cool as you can and use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair.
I personally use the L'Oreal Elvive Colour protect shampoo and conditioner which can be picked up from various places for about £4.00 a bottle.

You could also add a small amount of hair dye to your shampoo every time you wash your hair just to boost the colour, i recommend 'Crazy colour'.

Toners are also available to buy however i cannot recommend anything in particular as this is not something i personally use.

I really hope this has helped a few of you and if you are debating wether to go red or not, just go for it, you will LOVE it, trust me.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Smells Sweet- Perfume Collection

Hey gorgeous!

Is it just me who liked to match my perfume to my outfit? .....is that even possible? It must be because i do it every day.
I think adding scent you your outfit is like tying a pretty bow around a present, it just adds that finishing touch.
Now, i have.....quite a few different perfumes (don't judge me!) and here they are in all their glory...
(insert drum roll here)

Although it's hard to choose one particular scent out of all these as my favourite i think it may have to be the Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique X'. 

This is the perfume i tend to go for the majority of the time. It's easy to wear on a day to day basis.
Its light and the smell is simply AMAZING!.
It is a mix of citrus smells with a fresh flowery undertone and lasts all day without being over-bearing.
We all know that, although the scent is an obvious selling factor, the look of the bottle is important too. I for one will always pick up a prettier looking bottle to try first.
Looks wise, i have two favourites. One being Vivienne Westwood's 'Boudoir' 

and the other being Jean Paul Gaultier's 'Classique'

Both smell fab (Boudoir being a heavy floral scent with a hint of bergamot and Classique being a perfect mix of vanilla, amber and rose) but they come in these striking bottles that i love! The pictures speak for themselves on this one.

And last but by no means least, my lovely collection of Vivienne Westwood scents.

I love being nosey and looking at things people collect so i hope you have enjoyed having a peek at my little collection of beautiful scents all bottled up.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Irregular Rings

If you haven't already gathered from my previous posts, i'm pretty ring obsessed, especially animal related.
So as you can imagine i almost screamed with excitement when i found these fabulous rings while browsing the Irregular choice website.

How amazing is the eagle head and the black cobras? Oh and look at how cute that little panda is awww!

I would have snapped a few of these up if they didn't have a price tag of £15-£40!!
My eyes almost popped when i saw how much they were and as far as i could gather they aren't make of  anything special to justify all that money. (Please correct me if you know otherwise!)
I mean, i am a lover of rings and these ones are pretty great but no way would i spend that sort of money on them when i can get my ring fix in Primark for 10 times less.

I guess they will just have to remain pretty pictures on my screen until i can find some for a more reasonable price. 
Any ideas on where i can get my hands on some?


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shopping Fix- Make up


(Left to right)
Natural Collection lipstick- Rose petal
Natural Collection lipstick- Fig leaf
Natural Collection blush- Peach melba

After hearing a few good things about  the 17 blush I decided to pick one up in 'Plum puff' along with the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 'Medium' and a black pencil eyeliner from Miss Sporty in 'Black' (Usually i wouldn't dream of even looking at miss sporty but trust me on this one!!)

Does anybody own any of these products, do you like them?


Nails of the day - 17 - Mink

17 - Mink

Excuse the redness around my nails my previous nail polish (17 - Tropical Island) appears to stain, urgh!

Any way this is one of my favourite nail polish's at the moment, it goes with everything and is so easy to wear. Not to mention it applies like a dream and only needs one coat!!

Reminds me of a slightly lighter version of Barry M - Mushroom and OPI - Over the taupe

What do you think? 


Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition 2011

Hi gorgeous!

“Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal” - Vivienne Westwood

I am so amazingly excited to say that this weekend i visited the Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition in The Bowes museum.
The exhibition showcases over 40 years of design.
The shoes were A-MAZ-ING!
I love how her designs are so unique and distinctive. Her attention to detail and ability to make a shoe a piece of art work in its own right astounds me.
Without further ado here are a few of my fave pieces from the exhibition.


A Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood collaboration, wow!
Look at that heel, So high it needs a flat circular 'stand' at the bottom.

 Yes, that is what you think it is on the front of the shoe, would you expect any less from a shoe entitled 'Penis shoe'?

You couldn't have a Vivienne Westwood exhibition without tartan, right? These certainly are a fabulous pair of shoes 

 I adore this pair, the purple and yellow with the pewter colour just won me over big time!

How amazing are these?  

These shoes are definitely the best mens shoes in the exhibition as far as i was concerned.

And finally, the pair of shoes everybody envisages when you hear 'Vivienne Westwood shoes'.

The notorious sky high platforms that sent one of the most well known models, Naomi Campbell, falling to the floor on the catwalk in Paris in 1993.

Which were your favourite shoes?

I absolutely adored the exhibition, so striking and inspiring.
If you get the chance to go i urge you to do so, you will not regret it at all.


Friday, 8 July 2011

Style Profile - Emily

Name: Emily

Age: 16

Outfit of the day

Top- Dorothy Perkins
High waisted shorts- New Look
Bag- River Island
Knee high socks- New Look
Nude ballet shoes- Topshop


Pearl necklace- M&S
Pearl Bracelet- Jewellers
Gold Heart bracelet- Menorca gift shop
 Pearl earring- Handmade

Face of the day

Dream matte mousse blusher- Rose petal
Maybelline Great lash waterproof mascara- Black

Appliqued Cardigan- Camden market

Q and A

How would you describe your style?


Favourite place to shop?

Fred Perry

Most treasured fashion item?

My pearl bracelet from my Grandma

What three items do you think are essential for any wardrobe?

Pearls, an oversized jumper to snuggle up in and a pair of black stirrup leggings

What item have you currently got your eye on?

 A leather jacket from the Amy Winehouse, Fred Perry collection

Thanks to Emily for sharing her fashion must haves.

What does everybody think of Emilys outfit, very english garden chic non?!


Perfectly Pastels

Jeffrey Campbell 

Pretty much NEED all these.

Weekly wishlist

Jeffrey Campbell wedges

Illamasqua 'Load'

        Mac 'Blankety'

Peach Vivienne Westwood orb ring