Thursday, 7 July 2011

DIY: Ring holder

Hi Gorgeous!

I recently posted a DIY earring display which spurred me on to also come up with something to organise my ever growing ring collection and i remember seeing something on somebodies blog but i couldn't find it again no matter how hard i tried so i tried to just do the parts i remembered. 

After about 40 minutes of mess this is what i ended up with.

How i did it

You will need:
1 Box lid 
1 pair of Scissors
1 Glue gun and glue sticks
Decorative fabric of your choice ( i chose black cord to match my room)
Thick Fabric scraps

Start off by cutting your thick fabric to the same width as your box lid.
I used kitchen cloths as my thick fabric, i was going to use felt but found these at a fraction of the price and they work exactly the same!
Once you have cut them to size, tightly roll them into a sausage making sure to glue the end down so it doesn't unroll.

Continue to make rolls until they fill your box lid.
In my case i only had to make 6.

Next cut a piece of fabric slightly wider than and enough to cover two rolls. Using the glue gun stick a roll at each end of the fabric and roll them inwards towards each other, ensuring the fabric is tightly wrapped around each roll, until they meet in the middle.

Where the two rolls meet in the middle, glue that together to keep it sturdy.
Now at the end of the rolls will be a small amount of excess material trim it and then glue it shut so there is no coloured 'roll' fabric showing. Once you have done this to all rolls, glue them securely into your box lid.
You could also decorate your box lid however i quite liked the patchwork print on mine so left it as it was.
Now all thats left to do it place your rings into your brand new ring holder.


In hindsight i should have made a bigger one since not all of my rings fit, boooo!
Oh well better make another one to match instead.

So, do you like this idea? Will you be trying it out yourself?
If you do, remember to send me pictures of the finished product and i will show them on my blog in a future post.



  1. wow! this i something im deffinitely going to try! gres=at job (:

  2. This is SUCH a GREAT idea! this is brilliant! Defo trying this out! such an inspirational post! Great! LOVE it!

  3. Love your ring collection!! And the ring holder of course, must do this for mine! JS x

  4. If you do make one, i would love to see! :)

  5. This is really cool!

  6. Nice! I'm definitely going to try something similar!

  7. Great job, I'm definitely making one of these for my mom! She can't have enough rings, and it's gonna be a nice add-up to a cheap ring to save on her next gift :)

  8. This is the bomb dot com. I love it. (Almost as much as I love your ring collection itself!!!)

    <3 *

  9. thanks for share this idea <3

  10. your collection of rings is fab! :)