Wednesday, 6 July 2011

E.L.F Powder Brush

Hi gorgeous!

After hearing SO much about the E.L.F taklon powder brush i went ahead and bought the little fella.
After THREE WEEKS,yes thats right, 3!! (Shame on you E.L.F!) my package containing the powder brush finally arrived.
Honestly i wasn't expecting much from this brush. At a mere £3.50 it can't possibly compare to the MAC 187 and MAC 109, like some people have claimed, right?

This brush is super soft, dense and applies both wet and dry products with ease, creating an airbrushed effect, leaving your skin looking flawless.
I personally have used this for applying just about everything, from primer and tinted moisturiser to powder, blush and bronzer.
I generally use it like you would use a stippling brush however it also works just as fab for buffing blushers and bronzers.
No dragging, streaking or shedding with this little baby!
The E.L.F powder brush has firmly secured a position in my daily make-up routine and has no signs of leaving. This brush is definitely a must have and at £3.50 how could you turn it down?



  1. This brush has changed my foundation application to something that's so much easier and nicer looking! I HATE my actual foundation brush from No.7 it gets dirty so easily. This is perfect for me though :)

    xxx Kat

  2. I agree, actual foundation brushes just dont apply nicely for me at all.