Thursday, 7 July 2011

H&M A/W collection 2011

To be honest i don't tend to buy much from H&M nevertheless i was having a quick peek at what H&M will have to offer this A/W.

 This outfit alone could sway me into spending some money in H&M when it starts to get cold again (I'm hoping this doesn't happen any time soon!)
How amazing is that parka?! The fur looks SUPER soft and for some reason i always end up with a green coat, every.single.year!
The chunky knit jumper is a must!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE how tailored yet simple this top is and the length of the sleeves are a very rare but   delightful find!
The skirt is totally not my style but i do love it all the same.

Rust hareems, you will be taking a trip with my to the fitting rooms!

Anything in particular you feel the need to get your hands on?


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