Sunday, 10 July 2011

Irregular Rings

If you haven't already gathered from my previous posts, i'm pretty ring obsessed, especially animal related.
So as you can imagine i almost screamed with excitement when i found these fabulous rings while browsing the Irregular choice website.

How amazing is the eagle head and the black cobras? Oh and look at how cute that little panda is awww!

I would have snapped a few of these up if they didn't have a price tag of £15-£40!!
My eyes almost popped when i saw how much they were and as far as i could gather they aren't make of  anything special to justify all that money. (Please correct me if you know otherwise!)
I mean, i am a lover of rings and these ones are pretty great but no way would i spend that sort of money on them when i can get my ring fix in Primark for 10 times less.

I guess they will just have to remain pretty pictures on my screen until i can find some for a more reasonable price. 
Any ideas on where i can get my hands on some?



  1. i actually really like these rings (:
    nice..and if u figure out where u got them for a good price please give me a holler (:

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