Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Lauren's Way fake tan mousse and lotion

The only way is Essex star, Lauren Goodger, released her own range fake tan earlier this year. I saw it, and to be honest my first thought was 'who would want that?'. 
I mean when you think of Essex girls you generally think of orange fake tan and who on earth would pay money for that?!
However me being the self confessed fake tan addict that i am, i gave in and thought i would give it a chance.
I bought the 'Tanning kit' which included the mousse and the lotion, don't judge me it was on offer!

I paid £25 and i received a 150ml bottle of bronzing mousse and 250ml bottle of tanning lotion, so quite a lot of product for the money.
I'm not a big fan of the packaging, a bit tacky for my liking, but as i always say, it's the product itself that counts.

I decided to test out the lotion first. I pumped the lotion onto my mitt and the colour was SO dark, i was a little scared to apply it. BUT i went ahead and swept it all over my body. 
I have to say, it was a lot easier to apply than i anticipated, it glided on smoothly and wasn't streaky at all.
The guide colour made it super easy to see where you had applied and where you needed to do and looked pretty good as an instant tan.
Having said that i wouldn't apply this on a morning if you plan to go out during the day, after a few hours the tan looked VERY dark and slightly orangey and it started to smell of the typical fake tan smell (the smell wasn't there when first applied!)

I took a shower and washed off the guide colour and i was really impressed with the end result.
It looked very natural due to the lovely olive undertones and the fact it wasn't streaky whatsoever.

Overall i think this fake tan has earned it's place in my bathroom, right next to my St.Tropez and St.Moriz. I was very pleasantly surprised!


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