Thursday, 7 July 2011

St Tropaz Vs St Moriz

Hi gorgeous people!

Ok ok i admit it, i fake tan, but then again, who doesn't these days?!
I tan pretty easily but in those few weeks before summer when it's beginning to get warm and summer clothes are making their appearance into your wardrobe again a quick coat of fake tan doesn't go a miss.

I usually use one of the most well known brands, St.Tropez, but at just over £20 for a 120ml bottle it's pretty pricey. So when i heard about St.Moriz i was intrigued.
If you haven't heard (i highly doubt you haven't),  St.Moriz is supposedly a fabulous dupe for St.Tropez and since St. Moriz can be picked up for only £2.99 for 200ml i found it hard to turn down.

Packaging- Both packages are pretty similar really. Both have a good smooth pump and the branding is clear. I do think the black accents and the blue lid on the St.Tropez gives it a slightly more 'expensive' (which it is!) and professional look but it's only the bottle so that's not particularly a big deal.
Winner for packaging - St.Tropez

Scent- So this is one of the big giveaways when it comes to using fake tan. Somebody can apply fake tan flawlessly but it's always that biscuit scent that gives it away.
I personally think, although it's not as bad as some other products on the market, the St.Tropez does have  a vague biscuit-y smell whereas i found the St.Moriz to actually smell quite pleasant. 
Winner for scent- St.Moriz

Consistency and application- The St.Moriz (left) and the St.Tropez (right) both seemed to have the same consistency. Both pumped out a decent amount of product as a slightly watery mousse.
The St.Tropez definitely came out as a dark chocolate colour, which i found easier to work with when applicating, whereas the St.Moriz was a more caramel colour, which was a little more tricky to see where was blended onto the skin better and where was not. This was only a very slight downfall and possibly was only due to my skin having a yellowy undertone to it.
Both products blended and glided onto the skin well. 
I found St.Moriz to dry quicker than St.Tropez but can't decide whether that is a good or bad thing?
Winner of consistency and application- DRAW!

End result - After one application it is quite obvious St.Tropez (right) gave me personally the darker tan, whereas the St.Moriz (left) barely changed my skin colour at all. 
St.Tropez appears to have more of a reddish brown colour to it which gives me a darker more 'just tanned' look. Because of the reddish undertones i personally think that it mimics the slight redness that is gained after being in the sun, therefore looks slightly more natural, like you have just been on holiday etc so much so,i was recently asked if i had just been on holiday after using St.Tropez!
On the other hand St.Moriz appears to give a more olive/yellow colour. Although it looks barely there in the picture above, i have tried building it up over the week and it gives your skin a very healthy glow about it, more of a 'born tanned' look if that makes any sense?!
Winner of end result- DRAW!

Personally i can't pick a clear 'winner' of the two. Both, for me, have different pro's and con's.
I love the deep tan St.Tropez gives me, but the price tag, not so much.
The St.Moriz is super cheap and very affordable to most and does a great job.

I think it totally depends on what finished result you want from a fake tan.
If you want a 'just tanned' look then i say splash out if you can for the St.Tropez.
If you want a more every day naturally sun kissed healthy glow then pick up St.Moriz.

Although i do love St.Tropez i think the the price tag on St.Moriz is what will keep me to re-purchase.



  1. I have st moriz, but I need to buy a tanning mit, because when I use my hands it stains quite badly :)

  2. Hehe! Laura a tanning mit is defo something i recommend! :)