Monday, 15 August 2011

Londons Calling

I spent last week, in what has quickly become my second home, London.
I went down with my family as we do just about every year and as always (aside from the riots!) it was lovely.

We visited the Hindu Temple is Neasdon, which was beautiful. 

(image courtesy of google, my pictures just didn't do it justice)

Amazing to think that is in the middle of London right?!

Amy Winehouse is very much loved by my family and i so we decided to start off the second day by saying our goodbyes outside her home in Camden town. We took time to read a few of the hundreds of messages left by her adoring fans. It was very sad, yet so amazing at the same time.
My daughter doodled a small picture for her and left it on the wall outside the park opposite her house, among the other gifts, notes and flowers left.

We then took a lovely walk along Southbank, taking time to watch the skaters and street performers.

As you can see the skate park is covered in graffiti and while standing there people watching two guys where spraying a big piece on the back wall, pretty cool!
These guys in the bottom pictures were crazy, good, but crazy! They were pretty good fun to watch though, i love street theatre!

On one of our last days we decided to take my girls to the zoo, i love the zoo more than i let on. I find it pretty amazing.
My favourites were definitely the gorillas and the penguins, i could watch those for hours!

All in all i had a great few days but i am glad to be back home, it's super tiring walking around London all day long!!

Hope you are all well and enjoy this post as it's a little different to what i normally post.



  1. Looks like you had fun :)
    I love how someone left a can of hairspray at Amy Winehouse's house! So sad that she's gone, i never really listened to her music, apart from rehab and valerie and all her more famous songs, but she was so so talented!

  2. i love London, is my second home.
    This city is amazing, i love those people, they are all amazing people. But most of all, I love the racial integration of London.