Saturday, 27 August 2011

Shopping Fix- Jewellery

Just a few bits i've picked up recently, enjoy!

Stag ring- Primark £2.00
Leaf ring- Primark £1.50

Armour ring- Primark £2.50

Tusk earrings- Primark £2.00

Feather earrings- Primark £2.50

Wing earrings- Primark £1.00

Assorted bracelets- Primark £2.00

I had to stop by Vivienne Westwood during my recent trip to London. I called in both the store on Kings Road and the store on Conduit Street.

 Gold greek inspired earrings- £75.00

Hot pink nano heart ring- £45.00

Sorry if some of the primark prices are a little off, i have worn everything already and stupidly forgot to remember/save the prices, D'OH!

Have you bought any nice jewellery recently?



  1. I LOVE all the primark pieces!!!
    I bought a gorgeous ring from primark and it looks way more expensive than it was!!

    Take care

    nats x

  2. I love these, especially the Tusk earrings. I recently went to Primark but couldn't find similar ones :( oh well better luck next time. Enjoy these beauties!

  3. @Inas just keep looking! They were brand new in my store so maybe they haven't arrived in yours yet :)