Thursday, 4 August 2011

Vivienne Westwood jewellery collection

I really enjoyed posting about my perfume collection a couple of posts ago and wanted to share another 'collection' of mine.
So after a little thought (let's be honest it was only a minute or so) i thought what better to share than my beloved Vivienne Westwood jewellery?!

Here are the pieces i have collected over the years (i really wish i had more rings!) starting at the age of 16 up to the present day, aged 22!

My collection started with these two punk inspired pieces as a gift from my mum on my 16th birthday, in 2004. Way back when i was studying Vivienne Westwoods punk movement for my textiles class and further anchoring my obsession for the orange haired designer.

I believe these were my next two items, also received as gifts, from my mum the next year.
These are great to add a bit of an edge to a girly outfit.

I bought this little set myself, i love the designs on these especially the details on the bracelet. Is it just me or is that bracelet very Tiffany & Co-esque?

This piece came with the 'Sin Garden' perfume, i really like the chain on this one.

This piece was such an impulse buy. I was at the Hood Street store in Newcastle with my sister buying a purse and saw this on sale (it was reduced from £130 to £70 or something along those lines) and i decided it needed to be mine, not particularly sure why since it's not really something i would wear and therefore never have. But nevertheless it is lovely to look at.

A classic gold mini bass relief pendant, a must for any Westwood lover.

Again, these were such an impulse buy. I was having a little look around in the Conduit Street store in London (i actually went in for a specific pair of green earrings i had had my eyes on but they were out of stock, booo!) and saw these. The colours are what caught my eye. I bought a pair so i didn't leave empty handed, silly reason to get them i know, but i do wear these quite often to dress up a boring jeans and top combo.

Sadly (and surprisingly!) , this is the only ring i have in my collection. There has never been many rings to choose from in VW's collections up until recently (can't wait to get my hands on one or two soon!) but this ring was too cute to pass by, i love it!

These are my most recent pieces, again they were a gift from my mum (thank you mum, you're fab!) for my birthday last year. I saw these online when they were first released and fell in love with the colour. They are described as 'peach' which they are to some extent but i would personally class them as a shiny copper colour.

Finally, these aren't jewellery but i thought i would add them anyway.
I have these political badges (i do have a couple more but i can't for the life of me find them).
These were a bargain, i think they were about £2-£3 each a few years ago and they are great to add to a bag or blazer to add a little something different.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my little treasures, which was your favourite piece?

Do you like these 'collection' posts, would you like to see more? Just let me know what you would like to see.

Finally, if you have any posts for me to have a peek at please let me know, i'm so nosey i could spend hours reading them.



  1. I LOVE this collection. You have some really nice pieces :o)

    Hope your well.

    Nats. xxx

  2. Hi stopped by, oh cute collection! Check out my blog...(:

    xo Emma

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