Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Barry M Wink black eyeliner pen

Recently, I was kindly sent this 'Wink' Black eyeliner marker pen from Barry M.
 (Not sure why they sent me it, as they didn't say!)
So since black eyeliner is pretty much an everyday must in my make up routine i couldn't resist trying it out straight away (and of course letting my lovely followers know what i thought of it!).

I have to say, on first impressions i was not at all impressed with the packaging, how 80's looking can you get?! The graphics and colours just did not appeal to me and had i saw this on the shelf, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have looked twice.

The concept of an eyeliner pen has always appealed to me. They are essentially a liquid eyeliner in an easy to use form, right?

The nib looks good at first but the very tip isn't as sturdy as i usually would like, which makes the application slightly more difficult (Nothing major though!). Plus, as you can see, for some reason the lid seems to make such a mess, so be careful you don't get it on your fingers and then transfer the mess elsewhere!

Application was pretty easy, only needing to line your eye once to get a nice dark black line.
There was no tugging that i noticed and it did seem to be a smooth, easy enough process.
Also, it didn't feather at all which is something i have found when using other pen eyeliners so thats great!

Top: Using the very tip of the nib. This is the thinnest line i personally could achieve.
Middle: Using normally, as you would use a pen.
Bottom: Using the whole side of the nib. Obviously would never be used like this, (by me, at least) just did it to show you the colour pay off a little better.

All in all i do like this product, i just wish it had a slighting firmer, smaller nib. I will carry on to use it as it does have great pigmentation and leaves a lovely, matte crisp finish and who knows, maybe i will re-purchase. After all it is only £4.59!

Want to try one out? They can be picked up online at or Superdrug and Boots.

Have you tried this eyeliner out before, did you like it or not?
What is your all time favourite eyeliner?


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  1. I've just bought this and I can't wait to try it out!