Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nails Rock Nail wraps- Leopard print

Another leopard print nail post, sorry!
Can you tell i'm on a bit of a nail 'kick' at the moment?! I really don't know where it came from...

Anyway, i recently found these nail wraps in New Look and decided to pick them up and give them a go. First of all i was not expecting the price tag of £5.99! the only thing running through my head as sales assistant rang them through the till was 'These better blooming work!'.

The packaging is cute, LOVE the picture on the front (if only it was acceptable to walk around with leopard print lips hmmm.....) and i like the fact you can see the actual product through the little cut out box on the front.

The actual wraps come in various sizes and you get a total of 24 wraps so these could be used on two occasions.

The instructions are easy enough to follow and the process of applying SEEMS easy at first but let me tell you, it's really not!
If you want your nails to look good you need to trim them to fit your nail perfectly. This in itself is difficult enough, then you have to stick the wrap onto the nail and using a hairdryer, melt the adhesive so it sticks to your nail. Be careful not to burn yourself when using the hairdryer though...it hurts!
Finally you need to file the excess off the nail tip.

Now I have to say i am SO disappointed with these wraps as they would look really awesome if they worked. It may just be me but i found these hard to apply as neat as i would want them and even harder to get them to fully stick to the nail and keep them smooth. Personally i think the 'paper' these are made from are far to thick, I felt like a 5 year old who had stuck a few stickers onto my nails.
However all this wasn't a problem because after 30 minutes of wearing them 3 of them had started to peel away so they all had to be taken off, quite easily may i add. (They peeled off like a sticker funnily enough!).

These were such a waste of money, no way will i ever be spending £6 on a few 'nail stickers' again!

Have you ever tried these nail wraps? Did you like them or did you loathe them?
Feel free to post links to yours as i would love to see if you had better luck than me!



  1. I really want to try some of these nail wraps, yours look fierce!

  2. I've never tried them, but I saw quite a lot of people having them :) yours look great! xx

  3. I really want to try nail wraps, but thanks for this i now know to stay clear of these ones haha! :) xx

  4. Emily, i really wish these worked for me as the print is totally my cup of tea but honestly, i just thought they were total crap. Glad ive stopped you from wasting your money!

  5. wow thats for putting this up...i legit was going to get some tomorrow....think i've just changed my mind. lol

  6. And this is why I'm sticking to good old fashioned polish! x