Friday, 9 September 2011

Models Own nail polishes

Ooooooooo pretty!

Like just about everybody else i took advantage of the recent 50% off Models Own sale.
I tried to pick a variety of different colours, from brights to neutrals, glitters and mattes.
I think i chose pretty well.

Sorry for the blurry picture here, i didn't realise until i uploaded, d'oh!

From top to bottom, left to right:

Gold Rush
Purple Poppy
Beth's Blue
Blue Moon 
Feeling Blue
True blue
Pearly Queen
Silver Fox
Nude Beige
Peach Sherbet

From top to bottom, left to right:

Matte Black
Green Flash
Grace Green
Lemon Meringue
Gold Finger
Golden Peach
Buff Pink
Pink Fizz
Sophie's Pink
Coral Reef
Scarlet Sparkle

All swatches are two coats of polish unless otherwise stated.

   1. Pearly Queen
The picture really doesn't do this shade justice, it's very pearlised in real life. Such a subtle yet amazing polish.

2. Utopia
A lovely milky pale grey with a touch of lilac. Very wearable.

3. Silver Fox
A beautiful shimmery Silver.

4. Champagne
A champagne gold shimmer. Love how this is a nude-like colour but with sparkle.

5. Nude Beige
Name speaks for itself, a creamy light taupe colour with a slight hint of vintage pink.

6. Peach Sherbet
The name for this polish is perfect, it looks exactly like the sherbet i used to have as a child, yummy!

7. Golden Peach
One of my favourites of the lot. Again a very apt name. This is a golden/peach two tone.

8. Buff Pink
Now this shade was such a disappointment. I was expecting it to be a lovely super pale pink but it applies so sheer and is hardly noticeable. I think it's more for using when doing a classic french manicure rather than doing solid colour nails.

9. Pink Fizz
This needed three coats to be this solid, however one coat over another pink would add a lovely sparkle too.

10. Sophie's Pink
This was on of the first polishes i knew i needed from Models own. A lovely bright hot pink. Barbie eat your heart out!

11. Coral Reef
A fab Coral colour but it does lean more towards being a red in my opinion.

12. Scarlet Sparkle
I actually picked this one up ready for christmas, is that sad? ha! A sparkly red glitter.

13. Purple Poppy
A perfect bright purple, lovely for autumn.

14. Beth's Blue
This was definitely another of my absolute faves from what i bought although i wouldn't really say it was a blue. It is a gorgeous creamy violet colour, much like those yummy little sweets, parma violets, remember those?

15. Blue Moon
The name for this polish is perfect, it's a futuristic, space age shimmery blue.

16. Feeling Blue
Two words, BLUE SLUSH! I love how bright this blue is, a true medium blue.

17. True Blue
 A true primary blue colour.

18. Green Flash
A Shimmery light green colour, i loved how this looked against my skin and looked great with my tan.

1. Grace Green
PERFECT for Autumn, i love this colour. A khaki green.

2. Lemon Meringue
All through summer i was after a perfect pastel yellow colour that wouldn't make my nails look like they were off-colour but i never did find one. THIS is what i was looking for.

3. Aciiied
I suppose this is a yellow-y, lime green but i would call it a 'mucky' looking yellow. Again another great shade for autumn, would look great paired with Grace Green.

4. Gold Finger
This needed three coats to be this solid, however the results are worth the extra coat, don't you think?!

5. Gold Rush
A simple metallic gold.

6. Matte Black
Name says it all. Although i love this, i could achieve a matte-er black by using a plain black polish with a matte top coat.

The one an only downfall i have with Models Owns polishes is the smell, is very strong!
However, all in all i am SO happy with my new nail polishes. Models own are by far the best polishes i have tried to date. They are thick (but not to thick!) and easy to apply. They glide on like a dream and their longevity is fabulous. Not to mention they have an amazing colour range, releasing new colours frequently to keep up to date on the latest trends.
If you haven't already i urge you to check them out at

Finally, I'll let you in on a little secret, i picked up a few extras to give away along with a few of my other favourite beauty items when i reach 150 followers. So make sure you recommend my blog to your friends and family so we can get this giveaway train rolling!

Do you have any polishes from Models Own? If so, what is your favourite?

Feel free to link your own Models Own hauls down in the comments as i would love to take a peek!



  1. :O So much nail polish!

    I have wanted Beth's Blue for the longest time! The smell of these really bugs me though, gets all up in my nose!


  2. Your haul is wonderful :)
    I posted a picture of mine if you'd like to check it out, we have some colours the same too.

    I didn't find the smell that bad, I have some polishes that really stink :(


  3. Where did you get this nail wheel from? It's such a good idea to test them all like this first so you get a feel for the colours :)

    Rebecca xx

  4. Rebecca, i bought the nail wheels from a little local shop for 50p!
    You can buy them on ebay too :)

  5. I Love models own :o)
    My fave one of all of these is Champagne!

    Hope your well.
    Nats. xx

  6. Wow! you have so much nail polish! : O
    i'm sooo jealous! : P
    I am following your blog, here's a link to mine!

  7. So many nail varnishes! I am so jealous! You're basically sorted for life now :P

  8. You would think so, but i always find myself thinking 'oh i could do with a X'

  9. i just lost my goodness thats alot of polish!
    do they have a store or just the online one?

  10. You've been doing alot of commenting, thank you
    you can buy online or in Boots stores :)

  11. Gorgeous collection, i am a big fan of MO nail polishes too x

  12. Those colors are gorgeous I've never heard of Models Own i'd definitely have to check them out.

  13. Wow! That's a lot of pretty nail polishes! :D