Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sleek Au naturel palette

I'm pretty sure everybody and their family have already blogged about this but it's my blog and i'll blog if i want too *stamps foot*...Oh, your not complaining? Let's get on with it then.

Right in time for Autumn Sleek have released their nude collection which comprises of an eyeshadow palette, a blush and a lip conditioner. I decided to pick up the palette and blush.

The palette is what excited me the most with all it's yummy autumn colours, made up from a mixture of matte and shimmers, great for every day looks that can easily be built into a lovely smokey eye for nights. Not to mention i love the design of the palette itself, with a huge mirror and double ended sponge applicator enabling you to pop the palette in your bag and go, yippie!

As i'm sure everybody already knows, Sleek are pretty much amazing when it comes to their palettes. They are super easy to blend, great pigmentation and can last pretty much all day long with a primer without creasing. Not to mention i love how silky smooth they feel on my skin.

Onto the swatches. 
Now, i have seen plenty of reviews of this palette and the lighter shades (top row) seem to have been disappointing many people and i can see why. They are certainly not as pigmented as you would expect from a Sleek palette but they are still useable especially for highlighting or for an all over the lid colour.

The darker colours (bottom row) are amazing, great pigmentation and includes a matte black, that quite frankly, puts Mac-Carbon to shame.

Overall, i think the bottom row alone, is worth the £6.49, especially if you are into your nude-y colours.

Have you picked anything up from Sleeks new nude collection? If not, do you have your eye on anything?



  1. I picked up the whole thing in Superdrug the other day and they were offering 200 beauty card points if you did. I love it! Moss is such a gorgeous colour, well worth it. I know loads of people didn't care for the pout polish but I really like the formula of them and it works as a tinted lip balm. Lovely swatches anyway, far better than mine! :)
    S x

  2. Dying for the Blusher more than anything! i think its the perfect cheek colour for autumn! :) xx


  3. Seonaid i'm not really into glossy lips thats why i skipped the pout polish, it does look lovely though!

    Amy the blusher is definitely a gorgeous colour for Autumn and seems to suit practically every skin tone!