Thursday, 20 October 2011

GlossyBox October 2011

Finally got my hands on this months GlossyBox this morning after having to chase the postman around for it.
  I was expecting it's arrival on Monday so stayed in the entire day, only to find they had left a 'Sorry you were out' card on my doorstep. Is it just me who fills with anger at the sight of those little red and white cards, that seem to appear ONLY when you've nipped to the shop for a mere 5 minutes?! Except this time I WAS IN ALL DAY, urgh!
Anyway i rescheduled the delivery for today as this was the only day i would be in to receive it and lucky me (NOT!) they rang my buzzer at 8am.........thats right, i was in bed, gah the postal service these days drive me batty!

I had read the spoilers so i knew what to expect, nothing particularly exciting but definitely all products that i will use.
To celebrate GlossyBoxes 6 month anniversary they kindly included an extra product for everybody which was a nice idea but personally i don't feel like there was anything 'extra' in there. If anything i feel like there was less due to the fact we received 3 products of the same brand, which i found a little disappointing although the products themselves do look really nice.

So, Let's get onto what was actually in the box.

3 Robert Piguet perfume samples in 'Calypso', 'Visa' and 'Fracas'
Honestly, I'm getting bored of the perfume samples, these are once again not my sort of scent at all and they will not be getting used. I like to stick with scents i know and love and if i wanted to try something new i would rather go and get testers from shops but maybe thats just me?

Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner- Moray
This was one of the products i was most excited to see in my box. I have heard a lot of talk about them, mainly from U.S bloggers and it has certainly lived up to the hype. A very pigmented metallic olive green, glides on like an absolute dream, so creamy and totally a colour i would usually gravitate towards.

Dermalogica age smart multivitiman thermafoliant 
A 15ml tube. Haven't used this yet so can't comment much but the texture of the product is very promising.

Dermalogica multivitiman power recover masque
Another 15ml tube which again i haven't used but this smells really nice, looking forward to testing it.

Dermalogica renewal lip complex
A teeny tiny 1ml tube which smells AMAZING. Reminds me of love heart sweets, yummy!
Been using this all day and my lips feel silky soft. I'm pretty sure i will have used this up before the weekend is over.

Dermalogica Makeup bag
Cute little bag to store the other Dermalogica products in but i can't see myself using this once they have been used up as i'm not a fan of the branding on the front, bit of a waste really.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish- Babydoll
Finally, the most exciting product in the box (for me anyway!), a full size baby pink nail polish. I was so happy i received the pink version, although i would have been happy with the blue or orange too, but i had been eyeing up a pink models own polish very similar to this colour only days before so saved me a few pounds! I put this on straight away and it applied easily and evenly with only two coats.

I really like receiving Glossybox every month and so far i'm happy with all the products i have received. Although, I can't help but wonder what they are going to pull out of the bag for the December box, i'm hoping for something amazing, since it's almost christmas and all. HINT HINT GLOSSYBOX!

What do you think of Glossybox? still loving it or getting bored?
Also what are you using your boxes for? i haven't decided what to do with mine yet.


P.s If you are thinking of signing up to GlossyBox please feel free to use my refer a friend link here:
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  1. I adore that Leighton Denny nail polish! Babydoll is such a gorgeous shade of pink x

  2. i also got this glossybox. I love it :)

    Nice blog :)

  3. I've really been pleased with all my glossy boxes so far! I really hope they do something extra special for Christmas! x

  4. love that nail polish colour, its so pretty and I wish they had a glossy box type thing in Australia.

  5. Great review! Your pictures are amazing quality also, just 'followed' your blog, which camera/editing software do you use?
    Apryl. x

  6. Vivian, I'm pretty sure they have just launched in australia too!

    Apryl, thank you for following, much appreciated. I use the Canon 550D DSLR to shoot and i tend not to edit very much apart from rounding the corners and such and i just do that online :)