Monday, 24 October 2011

Nails of the day- Dotty about Dalmations

All items can be bought from Topshop except the scarf (Dorothy Perkins) and shoes (Urban Outfitters)

Dalmatian print was unmissable on the Topshop catwalk at London fashion week with the models sporting various items adorned with the cute black and white spots which can be found in Topshop now.

The models were even rocking a cute little black nose and of course dalmatian print nail art.
Now, although i won't be going out with my nose painted black (i wish it was acceptable to do so though, aww!) i did decide to re-create the nail art.
It was super easy, simply creating messy spots on a white base.

Barry M- Matt White
Models Own- Matt Black

Will you be picked up anything from current the dalmatian print trend? 



  1. I love the bag! So cute! Your nails look great too! xx

  2. wow! this is so cool! really inspiring, i'm loving it :)

  3. i loved Topshop Unique this year - same thing with the noses, wish it was acceptable so much! x

  4. Lovely - I totally need the all in one...:)