Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Outfit of the day- Little Velvet Owl

MAC Mineralize Blush- Light Over Dark
MAC Lipstick- Creme Cup
Models Own Nail Polish- Feeling Blue
Barry M- Matt White
Nail tutorial HERE

Earrings- Topshop
Large Stone Ring- H&M
Stacked Rings- H&M
Spiked Ring- GWAAN

Owl Belt- Primark
Tunic- New Look
Velvet Leggings- River Island
Ballet Pumps- New Look

I've been dying to wear these leggings! As you probably know, i LIVE in my plain black pairs, but lately my legs have been freezing in the cold weather so i was on the lookout for something a bit thicker. I did find a fleece lined pair of leggings in New Look but they didn't have my size available so when i found these velvet beauties in River Island i snapped them up. They fit really well and keep me nice and warm at the same time, not to mention they are bang on trend, SCORE!

Just before i go i would just like to say a little 'Hello!' to Shareen, she recently left me a lovely little comment which really made my day so, thank you for that!
I do read everyones comments and emails i receive, i love seeing you all enjoy my posts and talking about what i write, it is one of the main reasons i continue to enjoy blogging!


Carmine Beauty Box November 2011

I actually received my box on Friday night, that's right 7.30PM, i didn't even know the Royal Mail still delivered at that time?! Oh well...

When i first opened the box i was a bit disappointed, as it looked half empty but on further inspection i was delighted, THREE full sized products! YIPPIEEE!

So down to the nitty gritty, here is what was in the box...

Neom Organic Body Lotion
Smells nice and a girl can never have enough body lotion right? Will definitely be using this.

Lulus Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream
Again, something i will use, smells good and i actually don't own a night cream so this was nice to receive.

A La Carte Cosmetics Brow Ink- Taupe
I never used to do anything to my eyebrows (except pluck them) before i received the HD Brow kit in my Glossybox, but since then, i have loved doing them everyday so this will be nice to try out, not sure it will look that great though since the swatch i did feathered quite a bit?

Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil- 003 Goody Two Shoes
This brand is by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. I have been eyeing it up for a while and wanting to give something a go but never got round to it. Glad to find this in my box although i don;t tend to use eyeliner pencils too much. LOVE the packaging though.

New CID I-Pout Lipstick- Very Cherry
So excited to find a lipstick in my box (i'm a bit obsessed with them of late!) and the mirror and light are such a neat little idea. I was a little disappointed to get 'Very Cherry' though as it is totally not my colour so i shan't be using it, BOOOOO!

All in all i LOVE this box purely because it's practically full of Make-up (still on the hunt for a beauty box dedicated to make-up and nails!) and the things that aren't make up are things i will definitely use.
Well done Carmine, can't wait to see what you have planned for the December box!!

What did everybody else think of this box, like it as much as i did?


High Street Lipstick Collection Part 3- Natural Collection, Collection 2000, GOSH, Barry M

The last few remaining lipsticks from my High Street collection. These are some of the most affordable lipsticks of my collection and the collection 2000 cream puffs are some of my favourite formulation wise.
If you want any more in depth reviews remember to just let me know!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Nails of the day- Acid Wash

If your anything like me, you will love the newest Rihanna music video, 'We found love'. 
The video has an amazing grunge-y vibe which of course contains plenty of distressed denim. Now, this may seem slightly weird but i ADORE the distressed look, in particular in denim. (i think it's my inner fashion design freak coming through!) My absolute fave type of distressed denim is acid wash and as you can see from the pictures above, Rihanna rocks this so well in her video.

I was re-doing my manicure last night and was a bit stuck as to what design to go with (believe it or not, i didn't feel like leopard print again this week!) so i thought why not take inspiration from my current favourite music video and create my very own acid wash nails.

First of all i took a denim blue colour (Models Own- Feeling Blue) as a base and left to dry. Any typical denim colour is fine, blues, black, greys. You don't even have to stick with those, any colour would work since it looks like a tie dye pattern too.

I then painted a thin layer of white nail polish over the top (Barry M- Matt White) and again left to completely dry.

Once dry, i got a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover and began to remove the white layer of polish. Try not to rub too much in the same spot as you don't want to remove the blue. 

Once you are happy with the pattern, apply a top coat. I used my E.L.F Matte top coat to make it look even more grunge-y and i LOVE the outcome.

Such a unique yet easy nail design. Will you be giving it a go?


GlossyBox November 2011

I wasn't planning to write this review today, however i have a few things that i need to get off my chest about what used to be my favourite beauty box, Glossybox!

So i received my box this morning, opened it, and like last month, wasn't particularly blown away by the contents. I headed on over to the GlossyBox facebook page and it was overflowing with disappointed subscribers, many of which are threatening to cancel their subscriptions.
Now, the contents of the box was not the reason i was disappointed this month. Yes, the contents weren't amazing but i knew when i subscribed that beauty boxes can be very hit and miss, some months you will love, some months you will dislike. The reason i was heading over to the facebook page was to express my feelings and to inform others about GlossyBox's new way to get their name into the beauty world.

Glossybox have recently recruited ambassadors (all of which are beauty bloggers/vloggers) who now receive Glossybox FREE OF CHARGE (even beauty bloggers/vloggers who have expressed their dislike for GlossyBox in the past!), the week before everybody else, to 'review' for everybody. Now, Glossybox say they receive the same box as we do, which to some extent IS true, however they  generally seem to be receiving the better selection of products, hardly a coincidence in my eyes.
I am all for beauty bloggers and vloggers receiving free samples from companies now and again to review but to receive every future box free of charge seems a little much and VERY unfair, particularly for subscribers who have paid for every box from the beginning!

Anyway, now my mini rant informative info for you all, is now over, here is what was in the box...

Monu Revitalising Moisturiser
I had a quick try of this product and it was actually quite nice. I never buy moisturisers myself so i will enjoy this.

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme
Again, not something i buy myself, so will use this up and see what it's like, smells lovely.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts
BORING! I mean, it looks like it will be nice to the skin, but with two young children i rarely get the chance to have a bath to use this to it's full potential and besides haven;t Glossybox already had products VERY similar to this in previous months?!

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps
You may or may not have already seen my review on these awful things HERE, again, another repeat product.

Serge Lutens Perfume Samples
Perfume samples are the worst part of all beauty boxes, does ANYBODY enjoy them?

I'm pretty sure i will be unsubscribing after the December box, i'm hoping they pull something amazing out of the bag for christmas before i leave.

How do you all feel about other well known bloggers receiving free boxes?


P.S If you want to join, you can do so HERE

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

High Street Lipstick Collection Part 2- 17

 Part two of my high street lipstick collection is the very affordable 17 from Boots.
Again, if you wish for any of these to have a more in depth 'review' please just let me know and i would be happy to do that for you :)


Nails of the day- Pretty Panda

A really quick and cute nail tutorial for you to rock is this panda design, it really is SUPER easy so if you like them, give them a go!

First of all choose a background colour, apply all over the nail and leave to dry. I personally went with a jungle-like colour, Grace Green by Models Own. I then applied a matt top coat purely to make the panda stand out a little more.

I then took Matt White from Barry M and painted half of the nail with a curved edge and left to dry.
I then took Models Own Black Nail Art Pen and drew ears, eyes and a nose.
Finally, seal with a top coat and you are done. See, SUPER easy!

Let me know if you give these a go and if you have any suggestions for future nail art, leave them in the comments below or email me at Peachfizzz@hotmail.co.uk along with you name and blog link (if you have one)


Monday, 14 November 2011

High Street Lipstick Collection Part 1- E.L.F

(Sorry for the slightly sloppy application. I don't know about you, but applying, removing and re-applying lipstick over and over again isn't that easy!)

So here we have it, my first instalment of my lipstick collection.
I did originally plan on doing it in only two parts (high street collection and MAC collection) but i feel the high street post alone would be FAR to much to take in. 
I like to do things thoroughly for you guys and to do so i thought swatches and pictures of what it looks like on would be the best way to go.

I won't be reviewing any of the lipsticks in these collection posts, however i do plan to review a few in the future, so if you have any i particular you would like to know more about, please feel free to let me know in the comments or email me at Peachfizzz@hotmail.co.uk.

Do you own any E.L.F lipsticks? What are your favourites?