Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Carmine Beauty Box November 2011

I actually received my box on Friday night, that's right 7.30PM, i didn't even know the Royal Mail still delivered at that time?! Oh well...

When i first opened the box i was a bit disappointed, as it looked half empty but on further inspection i was delighted, THREE full sized products! YIPPIEEE!

So down to the nitty gritty, here is what was in the box...

Neom Organic Body Lotion
Smells nice and a girl can never have enough body lotion right? Will definitely be using this.

Lulus Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream
Again, something i will use, smells good and i actually don't own a night cream so this was nice to receive.

A La Carte Cosmetics Brow Ink- Taupe
I never used to do anything to my eyebrows (except pluck them) before i received the HD Brow kit in my Glossybox, but since then, i have loved doing them everyday so this will be nice to try out, not sure it will look that great though since the swatch i did feathered quite a bit?

Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil- 003 Goody Two Shoes
This brand is by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. I have been eyeing it up for a while and wanting to give something a go but never got round to it. Glad to find this in my box although i don;t tend to use eyeliner pencils too much. LOVE the packaging though.

New CID I-Pout Lipstick- Very Cherry
So excited to find a lipstick in my box (i'm a bit obsessed with them of late!) and the mirror and light are such a neat little idea. I was a little disappointed to get 'Very Cherry' though as it is totally not my colour so i shan't be using it, BOOOOO!

All in all i LOVE this box purely because it's practically full of Make-up (still on the hunt for a beauty box dedicated to make-up and nails!) and the things that aren't make up are things i will definitely use.
Well done Carmine, can't wait to see what you have planned for the December box!!

What did everybody else think of this box, like it as much as i did?



  1. I've been trying to choose a beauty box to try out for a while now, and your review of Carmine has really helped. In comparison to other beauty boxes it does seem to contain the most amount of make-up products. I think I might give it a go! Thanks :)

  2. I'm quite happy with my Carmine box. I got a pinky coloured lipstick, can't remember the exact name, but I'm glad I didn't get the cherry one as it looks way too dark. Maybe you could try patting it on with your fingers to give more of a stain than a full on colour, then putting lip balm over it? Wish I'd got the brown eyeliner though as I got green which I'm never gonna wear in a million years. Is yours quite hard to put on as well? The eyebrow pen (in taupe) I sort of like, but I found it abit time consuming to put on evenly. When I looked in the daylight, it was quite patchy on one eyebrow lol. Think I prefer my HD brow kit but will give it another go. Not tried the Night cream or the body lotion yet, but I wanted the night cream so I'm happy with that.

  3. Angieboods my eyeliner seems ok to use but like i said in my post i don't tend to use pencils, i have the eyebrow pen a go and it's not for me, i prefer my HD brows too!

  4. Wow this puts a certain other box to shame. You really make me want to get into beauty blogging I love your page it's so wonderfully done!

  5. Shareen, that comment has really made my day, thank you!

  6. Seriously you should be proud. I know I personally love reading blogs like this by normal lovely girls like yourself!