Wednesday, 9 November 2011

E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeshadow- Purple Pleaser

As you may or may not know, E.L.F have recently released a few new products and i was lucky enough to be sent a handful to try out and give my opinion on.
One of the products i was sent was the new shade of Studio Cream Eyeshadow, 'Purple Pleaser', a lovely light purple metallic shade with blue undertones. 

I will be honest, i've never really been drawn to cream products, something about them puts me off and i always opt for the powder alternative.
That being said, i love this product. The texture is super creamy and smooth and applies with ease.
Once applied it dries quickly and evenly and the pigmentation (as you can see) is great.
I can't comment on the lasting power, as i only wore this for a couple of hours but, in that short amount of time, i had no creasing and the colour seemed to be as bold and bright as when i first applied the product.
This would be a lovely base to intensify other purple eyeshadows and/or to build up for a smokey eye look.

The one and only fault i have with this product is the packaging. While i usually love the sleek black  look of the studio line and the little glass pot makes it look very professional and 'high end', the size of the container is so big and bulky i just feel it's not very practical. Certainly not a 'throw in your bag and go' item, which is a shame since it is so easy to apply.

These cream eyeshadows come in 8 other shades and can be bought from the Studio Line at

Do you own any of the E.L.F cream eyeshadows, do you like them? How do you use them?



  1. Wow that colour is amazing so pretty and bright :) x

  2. I agree Kelly, i was pleasantly surprised!

  3. It looks lovely, I've just ordered some eyeshadow from ELF to try and get into wearing it, wish I'd ordered this one too now!x

  4. order again? every order over £10 gets a free mystery box with the code!

  5. That's a really lovely purple. I've never felt to inclined toward cream either...must have something to do with creasing and having something damp on my eyelids...

  6. I totally felt the same way but these dry really quickly and then don't feel like a cream at all.

  7. this sounds awesome! ill def check these out on their website.. i love elf (sometimes) lol

  8. The colour looks so intense, hope I get this in my mystery box

  9. Wow! Totally my colour I need this in my life.