Monday, 21 November 2011

GlossyBox November 2011

I wasn't planning to write this review today, however i have a few things that i need to get off my chest about what used to be my favourite beauty box, Glossybox!

So i received my box this morning, opened it, and like last month, wasn't particularly blown away by the contents. I headed on over to the GlossyBox facebook page and it was overflowing with disappointed subscribers, many of which are threatening to cancel their subscriptions.
Now, the contents of the box was not the reason i was disappointed this month. Yes, the contents weren't amazing but i knew when i subscribed that beauty boxes can be very hit and miss, some months you will love, some months you will dislike. The reason i was heading over to the facebook page was to express my feelings and to inform others about GlossyBox's new way to get their name into the beauty world.

Glossybox have recently recruited ambassadors (all of which are beauty bloggers/vloggers) who now receive Glossybox FREE OF CHARGE (even beauty bloggers/vloggers who have expressed their dislike for GlossyBox in the past!), the week before everybody else, to 'review' for everybody. Now, Glossybox say they receive the same box as we do, which to some extent IS true, however they  generally seem to be receiving the better selection of products, hardly a coincidence in my eyes.
I am all for beauty bloggers and vloggers receiving free samples from companies now and again to review but to receive every future box free of charge seems a little much and VERY unfair, particularly for subscribers who have paid for every box from the beginning!

Anyway, now my mini rant informative info for you all, is now over, here is what was in the box...

Monu Revitalising Moisturiser
I had a quick try of this product and it was actually quite nice. I never buy moisturisers myself so i will enjoy this.

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme
Again, not something i buy myself, so will use this up and see what it's like, smells lovely.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts
BORING! I mean, it looks like it will be nice to the skin, but with two young children i rarely get the chance to have a bath to use this to it's full potential and besides haven;t Glossybox already had products VERY similar to this in previous months?!

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps
You may or may not have already seen my review on these awful things HERE, again, another repeat product.

Serge Lutens Perfume Samples
Perfume samples are the worst part of all beauty boxes, does ANYBODY enjoy them?

I'm pretty sure i will be unsubscribing after the December box, i'm hoping they pull something amazing out of the bag for christmas before i leave.

How do you all feel about other well known bloggers receiving free boxes?


P.S If you want to join, you can do so HERE


  1. I thought that was unfair too! They all got the elacitizer (cant spell it!) and everyone else seems to have got bath salts? huh..I know which one I would prefer!
    Several times I have wanted to sign up to Glossybox as I read great reviews, and then the next month, just as I am convinced they're great, they have a crap box or do something that makes me dislike it!
    If that makes sense?! haha!
    I may subscribe to Boudior Prive, it seems to be the favourite after Glossybox!

  2. I think the lack of consistency in the boxes and this month's box in particular is what has led me to unsubscribe now. It does seem like other bbloggers who get their boxes for free get the best boxes and I don't think that's fair to customers who pay each month. x

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  4. Sorry my spell check hates me. I agree with everything you said here, I feel cheated to be quite honest. I'm thinking of cancelling and I have already subscribed to the feelunique box which thus far has been consistently good!

    I admire your honesty!

  5. This is very true Charlotte! Great review. Apryl. x

  6. Dolly Daydream, i recommend Feel Unique and Carmine, i find both really great!

    Evelyn i agree, i just can't bring myself to unsubscribe in hope they send out something amazing for xmas!

    Shareen you won't be disappointed with feel unique, i haven't been thus far!

    Apryl i am glad you liked the review :)

  7. Agree, agree, agree! Total load of rubbish this month, apart from the Monu cream. I've unsubscribed and opted for feel unique's Beauty Box instead - it looks more consistent!

  8. omg i totally agree, check out my blog post

    I got the Philip Kingsley hair product but that was the only thing good in my box. The rest was just crap. I mean who will honestly use a foot creme in the winter? and those bloody perfume samples are irritating me!!!!

    I did not know people where getting free boxes. I know of some bloggers who unsubscribed because they did not like it also (StyleSuzi) but it would really upset me if they all got free boxes and promoted it. I have been paying consistenly every month.

    I agree, if December is a bad box, I will unsubscribe.