Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Gift Guide- Music Lovers

Christmas is my favourite time of year, i love everything about it! The decorations, the smell of the christmas tree and even those cold winter evenings looking for last minute christmas gifts, i love it all.
As much as i love giving presents, thinking of the perfect gifts for people can be pretty difficult so, to try and help inspire you all, i thought i would put together a few ideas i have for presents this christmas time.
To make things easier, i will be doing a few short and sweet 'themed' posts, this one obviously being for all those music lovers out there.

Practically everybody likes music, (In fact i've NEVER met anybody who doesn't!) so if your completely at a loss for a gift for a certain somebody, something music related is often the way to go.

The most obvious thing to go for is an something to play music on, there are tonnes of choices but personally i would go for an IPod touch (Pictured above), these come in black or white and start at £169 and go up to a whopping £329!

If your budget is tight and let's face it, who's isn't right now? Why not go and pick up a CD, you can never go wrong with  CD! (unless, of course, you buy your Gran the latest album from Eminem!)
I certainly wouldn't be disappointed to find any of these in my christmas stocking:
Jessie J- Who you are
Amy Winehouse- Lioness: Hidden Treasures
Drake- Take Care
Rihanna Talk That Talk

Want to be a little bit different? Gig tickets are great to receive and although some can be quite pricey, try looking out for smaller artists/bands playing at smaller venues as these tend to be the best gigs to attend while also being a bit easier on your bank balance. 
I also found this quite little sketchbook made from an old vinyl on, super cool for collecting autographs!

Finally, if your looking for something cute and quirky these crochet headphones are sure to be a hit.
I found these on the Late To The Revolution Etsy store and fell in love. They come in any colour you can imagine and are even available in cute little animal ears. They are adjustable and really comfy to wear (i usually hate wearing headphones!), not to mention, keep your ears nice and warm in the cooler weather!
I don't know about you, but i would much rather rock these than any other boring standard headphones and at £25 these are a great buy. 

So these are just a few of my ideas, do you have any music mad relatives or friends? What will you be getting them this christmas?

What would you like the theme of the next 'Christmas Gift Guide' to be?!



  1. great post idea and the headbands are so cute :)
    Love ur blog, newest follower :) x