Thursday, 15 December 2011

Nails of the day- Christmas twinkle

Revlon- Emerald City
E.L.F- Golden Goddess 

I actually really like this combo, looks christmassy without going over the top drawing santa and/or snowmen all over your nails (not that i'm against elaborate nail art, as you all know!).
I picked up the Revlon polish along with a few others in no other than my local Poundland! (Small haul to come?!) I was over the moon when i found them. This forest green colour is slightly metallic and has a lovely matte finish which i am really into at the moment.

 What are you currently wearing on your nails, anything fun and festive?



  1. I would have never in my life thought of combining dark green nail varnish with a golden glitter topcoat, but the result is actually rather pretty and very festive!

  2. I'm glad you like it Chrissy! That's what blogging is all about, discovering new things! :)

  3. This looks lovely! I'm gonna have to go hunting in Poundland after work tomorrow! Love that shade of green :) xx

  4. Ooh I have both of these polishes (I also found Emerald City in poundland!) I may have to do a copycat look- this is lovely (and I don't usuallty like green OR gold that much!)


  5. :) nice. My nails are currently red and forest green (Racer Green BarryM), and I attempted a candy cane strip on one nail that actually turned out pretty good.

    Good Morning Angel.

  6. This colour is sooo gorgeous, mine are kinda similar but with a dark navy base coat - love a bit of festive glitter!x

  7. this looks really good. i agree with it being subtly christmasy, i love it!

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! i've had a good read through and i'm definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC