Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nails Rock Nail wraps- Leopard print

Another leopard print nail post, sorry!
Can you tell i'm on a bit of a nail 'kick' at the moment?! I really don't know where it came from...

Anyway, i recently found these nail wraps in New Look and decided to pick them up and give them a go. First of all i was not expecting the price tag of £5.99! the only thing running through my head as sales assistant rang them through the till was 'These better blooming work!'.

The packaging is cute, LOVE the picture on the front (if only it was acceptable to walk around with leopard print lips hmmm.....) and i like the fact you can see the actual product through the little cut out box on the front.

The actual wraps come in various sizes and you get a total of 24 wraps so these could be used on two occasions.

The instructions are easy enough to follow and the process of applying SEEMS easy at first but let me tell you, it's really not!
If you want your nails to look good you need to trim them to fit your nail perfectly. This in itself is difficult enough, then you have to stick the wrap onto the nail and using a hairdryer, melt the adhesive so it sticks to your nail. Be careful not to burn yourself when using the hairdryer though...it hurts!
Finally you need to file the excess off the nail tip.

Now I have to say i am SO disappointed with these wraps as they would look really awesome if they worked. It may just be me but i found these hard to apply as neat as i would want them and even harder to get them to fully stick to the nail and keep them smooth. Personally i think the 'paper' these are made from are far to thick, I felt like a 5 year old who had stuck a few stickers onto my nails.
However all this wasn't a problem because after 30 minutes of wearing them 3 of them had started to peel away so they all had to be taken off, quite easily may i add. (They peeled off like a sticker funnily enough!).

These were such a waste of money, no way will i ever be spending £6 on a few 'nail stickers' again!

Have you ever tried these nail wraps? Did you like them or did you loathe them?
Feel free to post links to yours as i would love to see if you had better luck than me!


Monday, 19 September 2011

Nails of the day- Lovely Leopard print

Leopard print nails are everywhere at the moment and have been for a long time (and i'm sure will be around for a long time to come too!). Such an easy detailed look so i though i would give it a whirl.
 This is how i achieved mine.

Apply a base colour, lighter colours work best for this step. (I chose Models Own- Utopia) Leave to completely dry before going onto the next step.

Next, choose a colour for your leopard spots. I find a darker colour works better for this part however a much lighter colour would also work. (I chose Models Own- Nude Beige) The spots look better the less perfect they are so don't worry if they look messy at this stage. Again leave to fully dry.

This is where the design starts to pull together (how exciting!) Using a nail art pen or a thin nail art brush draw outlines around the spots leaving some spaces/gaps. I used the Black nail art pen from Models Own to do this.

Finally, add some small black marks in the spaces, these don't have to be any shape or size in particular, (they don't even have to be added at all!) just whatever you feel needs adding to the design. 
To finish off my nails i used a matte top coat (after i took pictures so you can't see, D'oh!) however a normal top coat is fine too, again this depends on your own taste.

So, what do you think of these? will you be giving them a go for yourself, or have you already tried them? Make sure you leave links/pictures in the comments below!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Not quite an outfit of the day

Sleek New skin revive foundation- Calico
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer- medium 3
E.L.F complexion perfection powder
E.L.F all over cover stick- Toffee (for contouring)
Sleek Blusher- Suade
HD Brows- Foxy

Sleek eyeshadow- Cappucinno (Au naturel palette) all over the lid
Sleek eyeshadow- Bark (Au naturel palette) in the crease
Barry M wink eyeliner pen- Black
MAC eyeliner pencil- Smoulder
No7 Extravagant lashes- Black
MAC lipstick- Costa chic (very lightly)

Jaguar ring- Primark
Models own nail polish- Champagne
Jaguar earrings- Primark


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Glossybox September 2011

 I was actually having a good nights sleep last night (which is a rarity when you sleep in bed with two toddlers, i assure you!) and couldn't believe it when i was rudely awaken at 8.30am by my doorbell ringing. I wouldn't have minded so much if the girls had been ready to get up but they were fast asleep, booo!
Anyway i suppose losing out on an extra hour of sleep was made up by the fact the postman was delivering this months glossybox!

I only recently gave in to the hype and signed up for glossybox so this is my first one i've ever received, i'm quite impressed.

For those of you who have never heard about it. Glossy box is a beautifully presented (glossy!) box containing at least five luxury beauty samples (some of which are full size!), enabling you to keep up to date on the latest beauty trends and products without splashing out a tonne of money.
A monthly subscription costs £10 (plus £2.95 p+p).

Each both is packaged so well in a lovely sturdy pink box with the glossybox logo on top (is is just me who was excited to find a use for the it?!) Inside the box is a card with a quick overview of each product and of course wrapped in black tissue paper, tied with a pretty pink ribbon is the samples!

This months box consists of:

A sample of 'Plum' perfume by Mary Greenwell the well known make up artist.
This scent does seem to be very strong and floral which initially makes me think this won't be for me. Nevertheless i may give it a go.

Rahua Shampoo and conditioner which says it is for ideal for colour treated hair, eager to give this a go!

Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm. Not something i usually go for, as bad as it sounds i don't do anything to look after my skin apart from slap a bit of moisturiser on now and again so it will be nice to treat my skin a little.

Nuxe Huile prodigieuse dry oil. Not particularly sure what i'm going to do with this yet, i think i will be doing a little research before i try this out.

HD Brow kit. Although i wasn't wow'd by most of the samples, i was pretty excited to see the HD Brow kit in there as i was actually looking into buying it already and they retail at £19.99! Such a perfect little palette containing four matte shades that can also be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner. I no doubt will be posting a more in depth review on this so look out for that!

All in all i love the concept of glossybox and i'm pretty happy with this months products. I'm already excited to see what i get next month!

Are any of you already subscribed, what did you get in yours?
 If your not subscribed, do you think you will be looking into it?


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Barry M Wink black eyeliner pen

Recently, I was kindly sent this 'Wink' Black eyeliner marker pen from Barry M.
 (Not sure why they sent me it, as they didn't say!)
So since black eyeliner is pretty much an everyday must in my make up routine i couldn't resist trying it out straight away (and of course letting my lovely followers know what i thought of it!).

I have to say, on first impressions i was not at all impressed with the packaging, how 80's looking can you get?! The graphics and colours just did not appeal to me and had i saw this on the shelf, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have looked twice.

The concept of an eyeliner pen has always appealed to me. They are essentially a liquid eyeliner in an easy to use form, right?

The nib looks good at first but the very tip isn't as sturdy as i usually would like, which makes the application slightly more difficult (Nothing major though!). Plus, as you can see, for some reason the lid seems to make such a mess, so be careful you don't get it on your fingers and then transfer the mess elsewhere!

Application was pretty easy, only needing to line your eye once to get a nice dark black line.
There was no tugging that i noticed and it did seem to be a smooth, easy enough process.
Also, it didn't feather at all which is something i have found when using other pen eyeliners so thats great!

Top: Using the very tip of the nib. This is the thinnest line i personally could achieve.
Middle: Using normally, as you would use a pen.
Bottom: Using the whole side of the nib. Obviously would never be used like this, (by me, at least) just did it to show you the colour pay off a little better.

All in all i do like this product, i just wish it had a slighting firmer, smaller nib. I will carry on to use it as it does have great pigmentation and leaves a lovely, matte crisp finish and who knows, maybe i will re-purchase. After all it is only £4.59!

Want to try one out? They can be picked up online at  BarryM.com or Superdrug and Boots.

Have you tried this eyeliner out before, did you like it or not?
What is your all time favourite eyeliner?


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Happy 28th birthday Amy Winehouse

Happy Birthday Amy.
I know you are happy where you are now.
You are beautiful and talented and i love and miss you dearly.

Love, Charlotte and my two baby girls

Sleek Au naturel palette

I'm pretty sure everybody and their family have already blogged about this but it's my blog and i'll blog if i want too *stamps foot*...Oh, your not complaining? Let's get on with it then.

Right in time for Autumn Sleek have released their nude collection which comprises of an eyeshadow palette, a blush and a lip conditioner. I decided to pick up the palette and blush.

The palette is what excited me the most with all it's yummy autumn colours, made up from a mixture of matte and shimmers, great for every day looks that can easily be built into a lovely smokey eye for nights. Not to mention i love the design of the palette itself, with a huge mirror and double ended sponge applicator enabling you to pop the palette in your bag and go, yippie!

As i'm sure everybody already knows, Sleek are pretty much amazing when it comes to their palettes. They are super easy to blend, great pigmentation and can last pretty much all day long with a primer without creasing. Not to mention i love how silky smooth they feel on my skin.

Onto the swatches. 
Now, i have seen plenty of reviews of this palette and the lighter shades (top row) seem to have been disappointing many people and i can see why. They are certainly not as pigmented as you would expect from a Sleek palette but they are still useable especially for highlighting or for an all over the lid colour.

The darker colours (bottom row) are amazing, great pigmentation and includes a matte black, that quite frankly, puts Mac-Carbon to shame.

Overall, i think the bottom row alone, is worth the £6.49, especially if you are into your nude-y colours.

Have you picked anything up from Sleeks new nude collection? If not, do you have your eye on anything?


Friday, 9 September 2011

Models Own nail polishes

Ooooooooo pretty!

Like just about everybody else i took advantage of the recent 50% off Models Own sale.
I tried to pick a variety of different colours, from brights to neutrals, glitters and mattes.
I think i chose pretty well.

Sorry for the blurry picture here, i didn't realise until i uploaded, d'oh!

From top to bottom, left to right:

Gold Rush
Purple Poppy
Beth's Blue
Blue Moon 
Feeling Blue
True blue
Pearly Queen
Silver Fox
Nude Beige
Peach Sherbet

From top to bottom, left to right:

Matte Black
Green Flash
Grace Green
Lemon Meringue
Gold Finger
Golden Peach
Buff Pink
Pink Fizz
Sophie's Pink
Coral Reef
Scarlet Sparkle

All swatches are two coats of polish unless otherwise stated.

   1. Pearly Queen
The picture really doesn't do this shade justice, it's very pearlised in real life. Such a subtle yet amazing polish.

2. Utopia
A lovely milky pale grey with a touch of lilac. Very wearable.

3. Silver Fox
A beautiful shimmery Silver.

4. Champagne
A champagne gold shimmer. Love how this is a nude-like colour but with sparkle.

5. Nude Beige
Name speaks for itself, a creamy light taupe colour with a slight hint of vintage pink.

6. Peach Sherbet
The name for this polish is perfect, it looks exactly like the sherbet i used to have as a child, yummy!

7. Golden Peach
One of my favourites of the lot. Again a very apt name. This is a golden/peach two tone.

8. Buff Pink
Now this shade was such a disappointment. I was expecting it to be a lovely super pale pink but it applies so sheer and is hardly noticeable. I think it's more for using when doing a classic french manicure rather than doing solid colour nails.

9. Pink Fizz
This needed three coats to be this solid, however one coat over another pink would add a lovely sparkle too.

10. Sophie's Pink
This was on of the first polishes i knew i needed from Models own. A lovely bright hot pink. Barbie eat your heart out!

11. Coral Reef
A fab Coral colour but it does lean more towards being a red in my opinion.

12. Scarlet Sparkle
I actually picked this one up ready for christmas, is that sad? ha! A sparkly red glitter.

13. Purple Poppy
A perfect bright purple, lovely for autumn.

14. Beth's Blue
This was definitely another of my absolute faves from what i bought although i wouldn't really say it was a blue. It is a gorgeous creamy violet colour, much like those yummy little sweets, parma violets, remember those?

15. Blue Moon
The name for this polish is perfect, it's a futuristic, space age shimmery blue.

16. Feeling Blue
Two words, BLUE SLUSH! I love how bright this blue is, a true medium blue.

17. True Blue
 A true primary blue colour.

18. Green Flash
A Shimmery light green colour, i loved how this looked against my skin and looked great with my tan.

1. Grace Green
PERFECT for Autumn, i love this colour. A khaki green.

2. Lemon Meringue
All through summer i was after a perfect pastel yellow colour that wouldn't make my nails look like they were off-colour but i never did find one. THIS is what i was looking for.

3. Aciiied
I suppose this is a yellow-y, lime green but i would call it a 'mucky' looking yellow. Again another great shade for autumn, would look great paired with Grace Green.

4. Gold Finger
This needed three coats to be this solid, however the results are worth the extra coat, don't you think?!

5. Gold Rush
A simple metallic gold.

6. Matte Black
Name says it all. Although i love this, i could achieve a matte-er black by using a plain black polish with a matte top coat.

The one an only downfall i have with Models Owns polishes is the smell, is very strong!
However, all in all i am SO happy with my new nail polishes. Models own are by far the best polishes i have tried to date. They are thick (but not to thick!) and easy to apply. They glide on like a dream and their longevity is fabulous. Not to mention they have an amazing colour range, releasing new colours frequently to keep up to date on the latest trends.
If you haven't already i urge you to check them out at http://www.modelsownit.com/.

Finally, I'll let you in on a little secret, i picked up a few extras to give away along with a few of my other favourite beauty items when i reach 150 followers. So make sure you recommend my blog to your friends and family so we can get this giveaway train rolling!

Do you have any polishes from Models Own? If so, what is your favourite?

Feel free to link your own Models Own hauls down in the comments as i would love to take a peek!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Nails of the day- Aztec

I recently felt like doing something fun with my nails so i chose aztec!
Super easy but super nice and bang on trend.

Heres how i did it.

1. Choose a base colour, any colour is fine but i chose white to make the pastel colours pop.

2. Using a striper or nail art pen draw horizontal lines across each nail.

3. Fill in the stripes with your choice of colours, leaving some as the base colour.

4. Finally using a nail art pen draw stripes, dots, triangle or any other pattern you like in each stripe.

Wondering what colours i used?

Barry M- Matt white
Barry M- Coral
Barry M- Blue moon
Barry M- Berry ice cream
Barry M- Mint green
Models own- Feeling blue
Models own- Lemon meringue
Models own nail art pen- Black

Super simple right? 
Will you be giving this a go?


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shopping Fix- E.L.F

Over the bank holiday weekend E.L.F surprised me with another 50% off sale and of course, how could i resist?!
I tried to control myself as much as i could and mainly bought some new brushes that i had been wanting for a while along with a few bits i wanted to try out (and what better time to try things out when they are half price?!).

Top to bottom: Studio blush brush, eyelash and brow wand, blending eye brush, studio eyeshadow C brush, contour brush, small angled brush, small precision brush, small smudge brush.

I will be posting reviews on a couple of the things i bought however if you want to see something in particular please just let me know i will be happy to do that for you :).

I have already reviewed the studio matte lip colours HERE.

Did you pick anything up over the bank holiday sale?


Friday, 2 September 2011

E.L.F Studio matte lip colour

Being a fan of matte lips i recently picked up all four of E.L.F's new matte lip colours from their studio range during a recent sale (haul post coming soon!).
They come is four different colours: (from bottom to top) Coral, Natural, Tea rose and Praline.
Each retailing for a reasonable £3.50.

Like all the studio line, the packaging it is lovely to look at and not at all 'cheap looking', that being said the sleek look doesn't last long as it easily gets grubby with fingerprints and makeup. The end of the packaging contains a handy little sharpener to get a nice point which is great for precision application.

The formula is creamy and easy to apply gliding onto the lip without any dragging or tugging. However after a few minutes the 'creaminess' does go leaving the lip completely matte.
I didn't find this product to be particularly drying but i feel as though it does need a base of some sort such as a lip primer or chapstick.

From top to bottom: Praline, Tea rose, Natural, Coral

Colour pay of is fabulous and applies true to the colour of the nib.
It is very pigmented so no need to build the colour up and use twice the product.
Now i have to be honest, as much as i like these lip colours they don't last very long and need touching up throughout the day but maybe they would last longer with a gloss over?

Top left to right: Coral, Natural
Bottom left to right: Tea rose, Praline

Personally, the Coral and Natural are my favourites whereas the Tea rose makes me look a bit dead and the Praline, as beautiful as it is, is just a bit to daring for me.

Overall i LOVE these and hope that E.L.F are planning to release more colours for me to snap up.

What do you think of these? Do you plan to pick one up or do you already have one?

At £3.50 a pop it's worth a shot!


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nails of the day- Barry M Nail effects

Barry M- Gold
Barry M- Black nail effects

Personally LOVE this. What do you think?