Monday, 31 October 2011

OOTD- Peter Pan wears brogues

MAC mineralize blush- Gleeful
Natural Collection lipstick- Rose Petal
Models Own nail polish- Lemon Meringue
Models Own nail polish- Sophies Pink

Earrings- Vivienne Westwood
Ring- Primark
Belt- Primark
Dress- New Look
Jeggings- Primark
Brogues- Hush Puppies at Schuh

I am in LOVE with my new brogues, i've wanted a pair for a while but found many of them to be a bit TOO masculine for the style of clothes i wear, so when i came across these beauties i had to have them.
I was a little surprised when i looked and found out they were Hush Puppies but personally i think they look fab regardless with their cute ribbon laces and rounded toes (i'm hoping you all agree!)
At £48 they are a little pricey but i personally think they are SO worth it. 
They are super comfy (probably because they were made with middle aged woman in mind!) and seem to be made to last. 
I will mention though, if you are planning to get your own, i needed to get a size larger than i usually do as they seemed to be quite small fitting.

Do you like my newest addition to my shoe collection? I certainly do, i've went ahead and ordered myself the black patent pair too!


Crayon Melt

Me and the girls decided to do a quick little craft project today to brighten up a small 'Art Supply' room we have in the house an i thought you might like me to share it with you.
The room is up in the attic so it's quite dark and dingy with only a small sky light and it has been screaming out for some colour since i moved in.
Today was the day that it finally got what it needed.

Supplies can be found at the pound shop so really doesn't cost much at all.
I actually had all that i needed to make this already lying around, so it was cost free for me.

To create the final product i simply took all the crayons we had and lined them up in colour order, you could do whatever order you like, i think using two colours alone would look awesome (eg. Black and pink).
We then hot glued them down at the top of our canvas and took a hairdryer on the hottest heat and simply let it melt the crayons as much or as little as you like, depending on what you want your end result to be. We melted outs a lot as i liked the fact the wax was building up and creating texture.

I love the way this turned out, and like i said, it was super easy to do. Definitely thing i will be making more, i might even try it on a black background, the possibilities are endless.

Is this something you might try out? Do you like seeing DIY/Craft posts or not?


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

OOTD- Birthday Bits

MAC Liptick- Ravishing
Earrings- Topshop
Belt- Primark
Chiffon Tunic- New Look
Leggings- New Look
Ballet Pumps- New Look
Barry M- Gold Foil
Barry M- Black Crackle
Ring- Primark

Yesterday, it was my birthday, i turned 23 (gosh that sounds so old!) I went for a smart casual look, i wanted to look nice but not overdressed as we didn't do much, usual tuesday routine most of the day and my family came round and spoilt me before we went to Pizza Hut for tea (For the record i LOVE Pizza Hut salad!!)

I usually wear the chiffon tunic when i want to dress up, so to make it a bit more casual, i added a belt understated jewellery and some flats. I think i got the balance pretty spot on, even if i do say so myself, what do you think?!

I will be posting a few things i received, that you might like, to see in an upcoming post so look out for that if you interested.


P.S I'm SO excited and pleased to say i recently hit 100 followers on my blog, i feel like it was only yesterday i sat down and wrote my first post. So as a huge THANK YOU for your support, i will be hosting a giveaway for you all which will include some of the products i have reviewed and mentioned on my blog.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Nails of the day- Dotty about Dalmations

All items can be bought from Topshop except the scarf (Dorothy Perkins) and shoes (Urban Outfitters)

Dalmatian print was unmissable on the Topshop catwalk at London fashion week with the models sporting various items adorned with the cute black and white spots which can be found in Topshop now.

The models were even rocking a cute little black nose and of course dalmatian print nail art.
Now, although i won't be going out with my nose painted black (i wish it was acceptable to do so though, aww!) i did decide to re-create the nail art.
It was super easy, simply creating messy spots on a white base.

Barry M- Matt White
Models Own- Matt Black

Will you be picked up anything from current the dalmatian print trend? 


Saturday, 22 October 2011

OOTD- Berry girly

Belt, Earrings and Ring- Primark
Bangle- Accessorize
Ballet pumps- New Look
Leggings- New Look
Dress- H&M

As you can probably tell this is pretty much my go to autumn look at the moment. I have this dress in four colours, they fit me so well and i love the style, even more so, because they cover my mummy tummy. They are so easy to throw on with leggings or tights, or even knee high socks (if you have the legs for it, which unfortunately, i don't!) and then just switch up the accessories to create different looks.
Make up wise it was the usual, simple and neutral with a slightly darker lip than i'm used to (very brave move for me, i thought!), i kind of like it, what do you think?


Friday, 21 October 2011

Nails of the day- Dripping with bling

Leighton Denny- Babydoll
Barry M Instant Nail Effects- Gold Foil
Models Own Nail Art Pen- Black


Thursday, 20 October 2011

GlossyBox October 2011

Finally got my hands on this months GlossyBox this morning after having to chase the postman around for it.
  I was expecting it's arrival on Monday so stayed in the entire day, only to find they had left a 'Sorry you were out' card on my doorstep. Is it just me who fills with anger at the sight of those little red and white cards, that seem to appear ONLY when you've nipped to the shop for a mere 5 minutes?! Except this time I WAS IN ALL DAY, urgh!
Anyway i rescheduled the delivery for today as this was the only day i would be in to receive it and lucky me (NOT!) they rang my buzzer at 8am.........thats right, i was in bed, gah the postal service these days drive me batty!

I had read the spoilers so i knew what to expect, nothing particularly exciting but definitely all products that i will use.
To celebrate GlossyBoxes 6 month anniversary they kindly included an extra product for everybody which was a nice idea but personally i don't feel like there was anything 'extra' in there. If anything i feel like there was less due to the fact we received 3 products of the same brand, which i found a little disappointing although the products themselves do look really nice.

So, Let's get onto what was actually in the box.

3 Robert Piguet perfume samples in 'Calypso', 'Visa' and 'Fracas'
Honestly, I'm getting bored of the perfume samples, these are once again not my sort of scent at all and they will not be getting used. I like to stick with scents i know and love and if i wanted to try something new i would rather go and get testers from shops but maybe thats just me?

Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner- Moray
This was one of the products i was most excited to see in my box. I have heard a lot of talk about them, mainly from U.S bloggers and it has certainly lived up to the hype. A very pigmented metallic olive green, glides on like an absolute dream, so creamy and totally a colour i would usually gravitate towards.

Dermalogica age smart multivitiman thermafoliant 
A 15ml tube. Haven't used this yet so can't comment much but the texture of the product is very promising.

Dermalogica multivitiman power recover masque
Another 15ml tube which again i haven't used but this smells really nice, looking forward to testing it.

Dermalogica renewal lip complex
A teeny tiny 1ml tube which smells AMAZING. Reminds me of love heart sweets, yummy!
Been using this all day and my lips feel silky soft. I'm pretty sure i will have used this up before the weekend is over.

Dermalogica Makeup bag
Cute little bag to store the other Dermalogica products in but i can't see myself using this once they have been used up as i'm not a fan of the branding on the front, bit of a waste really.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish- Babydoll
Finally, the most exciting product in the box (for me anyway!), a full size baby pink nail polish. I was so happy i received the pink version, although i would have been happy with the blue or orange too, but i had been eyeing up a pink models own polish very similar to this colour only days before so saved me a few pounds! I put this on straight away and it applied easily and evenly with only two coats.

I really like receiving Glossybox every month and so far i'm happy with all the products i have received. Although, I can't help but wonder what they are going to pull out of the bag for the December box, i'm hoping for something amazing, since it's almost christmas and all. HINT HINT GLOSSYBOX!

What do you think of Glossybox? still loving it or getting bored?
Also what are you using your boxes for? i haven't decided what to do with mine yet.


P.s If you are thinking of signing up to GlossyBox please feel free to use my refer a friend link here:
Refer a friend

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

OOTD- Hues of Blue

Just a quick post today. 
Comfy clothes were pulled out once again (although i would have rather worn my duvet the way i felt). Seems to be a regular thing now it's getting a colder, not long before i'll be grabbing my uggs, hat, scarf and gloves by the looks of things.
I can feel a cold coming on already and i have awful 'time of the month' cramps (oh the joys!) so i treated myself and the girls to dominos to make us feel better, not to mention i didn't feel like cooking at all.

Anyway I bought the shoes from Primark yesterday for £8, they really rubbed but i'm hoping they will hurt less the more i wear them in as i do love them and i think they would look nice even when a little scuffed up.
The nail polish was another little thing i picked up, Revlon- Facets of fuchsia, i ADORE it, looks like a starry night on your nails, really beautiful although i did layer it over the top of a plain black polish to save me from piling on the coats.

What do you find yourself reaching for as it gets colder?


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

OOTD- Skulls and Roses

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer- Medium 3
E.L.F Mineral foundation- Warm
Sleek Contour Kit- Medium
FratBoy Blush
E.L.F HD Powder
Barry M Wink Eyeliner Pen- Black
HD Brows- Foxy
No7 Extravagant lashes- Black
Natural Collection Lipstick- Rose Petal
E.L.F Mineral Lipstick- Natural Nymph

Denim Jacket- Primark
Black Babydoll vest- H&M
Ballet Pumps- New Look

Skull ring- Primark
Heart orb ring- Vivienne Westwood
Rose ring- Dorothy Perkins

Models Own- Nude Beige
Models Own- Champagne
Models Own Nail Art Pen- Black

Sorry for the boobalicious picture

Belt- Primark
Biker Leggings- Ebay

 Just ran a few errands and picked up a few bits and bobs in town today. Took my eldest to her dance class, she is so cute and she loves it!
Definitely a nippy autumn day so i had to pull on my parka over the top of this outfit to save me from freezing, only wish i had picked up my hat and gloves as well, brrrr!

Oh! Just before i go, wanted to ask, do you like the way i set these OOTD posts out or should i do something different? I'm not sure i'm in love withe way they turn out anymore, so would love some ideas  on what you like to see in an OOTD post.


Monday, 17 October 2011

HD Brow Palette- Foxy

This lovely quad from HD Brows was quite the hit in last months (Septembers) GlossyBox and it was definitely the product that i was most excited about.
This sleek black kit comes in 3 different shades to suit a variety of hair colours:
Bombeshell for blondes.
Foxy for brunettes
Vamp for dark/black

I was lucky enough to receive the correct shade (Foxy) in my GlossyBox and i have used it everyday since.
Each palette contains 4 anti-smudge pressed powders which are matte and very easy to blend.
The idea is you can use the 4 different shades to mix and match and create the perfect brow colour. 

 Also great to use as eyeshadow and eyeliner (I love to use 'Carbon' for a soft eyeliner), this is a great palette to pop in your bag and be confident you have all you need to transform your eyes, made easy with a mini angled and flat brush and a large mirror that come in the palette.

The colours that come in the 'Foxy' palette are 'Nude, Carbon, Warm Brown and Ash Brown'
They are all highly pigmented, as you can see, and the staying power is fab! These babies are going to stick around all day and definitely will not budging until you want them to.

(Apologies for the blurry 'after' photo, i didn't realise until putting this post together, booo!)

Personally, my eyebrows are an ashy brown colour, very much like the 'Ash Brown' from the palette. However, now that i dye my hair red, i feel like my eyebrows are far to light so i use the 'Warm Brown' to darken them and add that vaguely red tinge. I love the finished look this palette gives and i think nice brows frame the face perfectly. 

(Again, sorry for the blurry 'after' photo, it had been a long day! haha)

I really do love this palette, my new Holy Grail for brows for sure. So much so,i have already grabbed another palette for a bargain on Ebay, from somebody who received the wrong colour in their GlossyBox, YAY!

This palette retails for £19.99 from

What do you think of this cute little quad? Do you have one of our own, do you use it as eyeshadow or eyeliner?


P.s In the last photos, I have my new FratBoy blusher on  from my 'Carmine' box. I really like it, what do you think?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Halloween Nail Inspiration Part 2

To create this black and white mix i used:

Barry M- Matt White
Models Own- Matt Black
Models Own Nail Art Pen- Black

I really wish the mummy turned out a little neater and i didn't add the extra 'o' on the 'Boo' but oh well, you win some, you lose some.


Halloween Nail Inspiration Part 1

I created this frankenstein look with:

Models Own- Aciiied
Barry M- Matt White
Models Own Nail Art Pen- Black

Hope you like!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Carmine Beauty Box October 2011

Beauty Boxes are definitely the latest trend to sweep across the beauty world and the latest one to hit the market is Carmine
Honestly i'm a bit bored of seeing beauty boxes but i found out about the box just as it was about to launch so i thought i would give it ago in hope that their first ever box would be made to impress.
This box, like the GlossyBox and many others, costs £10 plus £2.95 p+p. However Carmine have tried to have the edge over other beauty boxes by offering an online experience where you can interact with other beauty lovers. 

On first impressions, the shipping box is a bit to garish for my personal taste and doesn't really say 'Beauty products' to me. However on the plus side it's definitely not going to get lost at the post office with that bright tangerine box and 'in your face' branding.

Once you've opened the shipping box you are greeted with a much sleeker, more classic, high quality box with the Carmine logo on top. I'm not a big fan of the logo at all and as sad as it sounds i was a bit disappointed to see my box had air bubbles, makes it look a bit 'used' already, booo!

Inside the box was the usual info card and tissue paper tied with grosgrain ribbon. I'm a bit bored of everybody using these details now, would be nice to see somebody come up with something different. The box interior is bright neon green with the Carmine logo printed all over. Again, makes it seem a bit tacky to me.

Now, onto the best bit, the contents!
Buried within the red crinkled paper shreds were 5 generously sized samples.

Trind Nail Repair Natural (Full Size). A Clear nail polish which claims to strengthen and protect your nails. I was quite excited to see this in my box, as lately i have been really into nail art and between removing and re-applying nail polish i have noticed my nails aren't quite as healthy and strong as i would like them to be.

Balance Me super moisturising hand cream. An award winning 98.8% natural hand cream which, granted smells like something my Grandma would love, but i still think it smells divine.
I have recently had some super dry patches on two of my finger (i think it may be a spot of eczema!) so this was another pleasant surprise.
I have tried this out a few times and it really is doing the trick for me!

Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach (Full Size). A loose, peachy gold eyeshadow. Applies nicely and blends well. Luckily, this is a shade i will use as i love Peaches and Golds, especially for Autumn.

Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Creme. A lovely lightweight cream which refreshes and hydrates the skin. This absorbs nicely into the skin and smells fab, can;t wait to use this a bit more.

The Balm Fratboy all in one shadow/blush (Full Size). Now first off, it does say its a shadow/blush but personally i would never use this as an e/s.
 Love the packaging of this item, very 'Benefit-esque'. It is quite a pigmented Pinky- rose colour with a dash of peach. Applies a little powdery but once blended onto the skin looks lovely and can imagine this would suit a wide range of skin tones.

All in all i am pretty pleased with my box.
 I love the fact there are two make up samples in this box as those along with nail products are really the main reason i subscribe. (if anybody knows of any beauty boxes catered to make up and nails only then let me know!) Plus, 3 out of the 5 products were full size this month (SCORE!) and the other two were very generous samples.

Honestly, although i love all of the products in this box and will certainly be using every one of them, i am still a little on the fence about keeping my subscription as well as GlossyBox. I really can't justify receiving two boxes a month, i need to choose one and stick to it or chop and change and risk missing out on the good stuff.
I will be keeping my Carmine subscription for another month before choosing which i prefer, until then i get goodies galore!

What do you think of Carmine on first impressions? Something you may be interested in?


Friday, 7 October 2011

A/W 2011 Window shopping, thanks to

I recently stumbled across an online shoe store Sarenza. I have to say i really do like the website. It's easy to navigate (am i the only one who thinks the layout is like!) and overflowing with shoes from various amazing brands, including Jeffrey Campbell, Ugg and Vivienne Westwood, to mention a few of my faves!

Sarenza are currently hosting a competition for all fashion bloggers. For a chance to get your hands on £800 worth of shoes and all you have to do is peruse through the Autumn collection online and pick your favourites. Pretty easy if you ask me, especially if your an expert window shopper a bit like myself.

So, let's get down to business, (ha!) Here are my picks.

1. Light Grey Blazer- H&M £19.99
2. White Striped Top- H&M £7.99
3. Silver Glitter Litas- Jeffrey Campbell @ Sarenza £103.32
4. Black Moto Leigh Supersoft Jeans- Topshop £38

I LOVE this outfit more than words can say. Its so versatile and could be worn for any occasion, a day shopping, going out to dinner or even a club. The Balance between casual and dressy is perfect and those shoes are definitely going to get heads turning!
I personally think statement pieces are a must in any girls wardrobe and what is more statement than a pair of Silver glittery 5 inch platform heels?! Glitter not really your cup of tea? These Jeffrey Campbell Litas are also available in an amazing american flag print and although the price tag seems pricey at first they are so worth the money. The Litas (contrary to popular belief) are very wearable, the lace up will keep your foot secure enough to walk with ease. 

1. Burnished Silver arrowhead earring- Forever21 £3.15
2. Black Chiffon Shirt- Topshop £36
3. Wine Shoe hiker boots- Carvela @ Sarenza £145.35
4. Black Faux Leather Biker Leggings- River Island £30

Again this is another smart casual look, girly with an edge. The gorgeous floaty chiffon shirt, the stiletto heel and the drop of the earring add the girly elements while the faux leather, arrowheads and the lace up boot creates the edge to the outfit.
The shoes really caught my eye while looking through the Sarenza Website. They reminded me of the Jeffrey Campbell Everest  but even more feminine with the super slim stiletto heel. Made from Wine coloured Nubuck they are sure to last and add texture to an outfit. Once i saw the details on the lacing I couldn't resist pairing these with the arrowhead earrings from Forever21, perfect match right?!

1. Cream Belted Cardigan- River Island £38
2. Berry High Waisted Jeans- Miss Selfridge £40
3. Studded T-Bar Pumps- Mellow Yellow @ Sarenza £93.50

Finally i chose a super comfy autumnal look with shades that reminded me of the falling leaves (ahh cheesy inspiration at its best!)
On those colder days i love to pull on, what i call, my 'comfies' and when i saw this gorgeous, cream, chunky knit cardigan from River island i thought it would go perfectly with these cute studded t-bar pumps. Not to mention studs are all the rage in he fashion world right now.Made from leather i'm confident these are strong enough to withstand our atrocious british weather while keeping your little tootsies looking adorable.

1. Jeggings- H&M £9.99
2. Zebra Beanie- River Island £8.00
3. Khaki Parka- River Island £40.00
4. Burgundy Studded Boots- Primigi @ Sarenza £68.24

Being a Mummy of two beautiful little girls, i couldn't resist having a peek at the Childrens section on, and that is were i came across these super cute yet super cool Burgundy studded boots.
I don't know about you, but boots are a must have for my girls in the winter and these would look fabulous with a pair of jeggings and a nice big parka to keep those little fingers and toes from catching the cold.
The boots are made from Leather so are sure to last, even with all the bumps and scrapes that tend to occur with little ones. They have a side zip fastening so no long struggles every morning forcing tiny feet into big boots either. Finally they have a very 'on trend' studded panel. What more could a little girl ask for?!

So, do you like this sort 'styling' post, would you like to see more?
Anything catch your eye? Will you be popping over to or have you already?

I would love to hear feedback from all my lovely followers and remember once i hit 150 i will be doing a nice little giveaway for you lovely lot so spread the word!