Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lust List 001

Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses- £145/ Vivienne Westwood Secret Heart Bag- £305/ River Island Blue Ombre Denim Leggings- £20/ River Island Pink Embroidered Playsuit- £27/ Jeffrey Campbell Turin Pink- $119.95/ Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie Mint Suede- $114.95/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita Baby Pink Suede- $159.95/ River Island Cream Pearl Collar Necklace- £27/ Benefit Hervana Face Powder- £23.50/ MAC Azalea Blush Ombre- £20.50/ Models Own Polish Bare Beauty £5 / Models Own Polish Soda Pop Pink £5/ Models Own Polish Peaches & Cream £5/ Topshop Nude Suedette Cage Belt- £18/ Topshop Multi Spike Ring- £8.50/ MAC Saint Germain Lipstick- £13.50

We are on the verge of spring and my favourite pastel shades are beginning to sneak into shops. I have been browsing the usual sites and lusting after these items for a little while already but sadly i've put myself on a spending ban for the next month or so.
I'm currently in the middle of moving house so my bank balance has taken a bit of a bashing paying removals and deposits, the usual boring but important things, but it will all be worth it when we have finally moved in and settled as it really is a lovely little house.
I'm hoping to be able to blog again properly soon but it all depends on how quickly i can unpack and i'm guessing it will take quite a while, whoever knew 3 people could own so much 'stuff'?!

Have you already mentally chose your spring wardrobe? What will you be snapping up in the coming weeks?


Friday, 24 February 2012

Nicki Minaj For MAC- Viva Glam Nicki

I'm back with another Nicki Minaj post! Nicki Minaj has recently teamed up with MAC as part of their Viva Glam range which helps raise awareness and raise money for HIV/AIDS. The whole £13.50 from each lipstick bought goes towards helping Men, woman and children everywhere suffering with HIV and AIDS.

Viva Glam Nicki is a bright warm pink with yellow undertones in a satin finish. Personally I would say this is verging on being a neon pink, similar, brightness wise, to Costa Chic (a bright light coral).
Imagine Nicki Minaj in your head, see the colour you imagine on her lips? the bright neon pink? Yeah?
That's what this lipstick is!

On first sight of this product i was a bit scared, although i own a couple of brighter shades i don't often wear them and they lay neglected in my drawer out of fear (shame really!), but nevertheless i gave it a go and actually really like it! It's a lot more of a wearable bright shade than i imagined and I can't wait to wear this in Summer with light wash denim and maxi dresses!

Will you be picking up the latest addition to the Viva Glam range or has the colour scared you off?
If this lipstick doesn't appeal to you but you would still like to help the cause while also feeding your cosmetic addiction, there are plenty of other shades in the permanent Viva Glam collection here.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Benefit High Beam

I recently got my hands on a smaller version of the Benefit High Beam (The one that came free with a magazine) to try out. I have been looking at it for months but just could not justify buying the full size version for £18.50, especially when i'm not particularly into highlighters. Honestly the small size i have will probably last me long enough anyway as you genuinely only need a small dab to do the job.

High Beam comes packaged in a container which reminds me of the Models Own Nail polish. A circular clear container with a white screw cap and it even comes with a brush similar to nail polishes for easy, accurate application.
The actual product is a pale pearlescent pink which when blended (quite easily may i add) onto the skin turns into a beautiful natural dewy glow, no glitter or shimmer, just a sheen which instantly brightens up your complexion. 
I personally use this by applying tiny dots on my cheekbone, under my brow and occasionally just above my cupids bow.
I have to be honest, this does seem to be a little too light for my skin tone though, which is a more yellow/tan tone, so i think Benefits Moon Beam may have worked better for me with it's warmer tone.

Although i do like this product i would never purchase it at full price, £18.50 is just too much to spend on a highlighter for me. 
Do you own this product? do you rate it or slate it? I have pretty neutral feelings.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Collection

As you may (or may not) already know the latest celebrity to launch a collection with OPI was the fabulous Nicki Minaj. 
When i found out she had collaborated with OPI i simply KNEW i would have to pick something up from the collection. 
Once i saw the colour range it was pretty easy to decide which ones i wanted and which weren't really for me. I went for the three more 'girly' ones, 'Metallic 4 Life', 'Pink Friday' and 'Save Me'.

'Metallic 4 Life' is a black base utterly packed full of large hexagonal and small round/square silver glitter. It is fairly thick however it's easy to apply and i only needed two coats to create an opaque finish. I may use a plain black base in future as it will make things a bit quicker and save on the pretty glitter! I really love this one, it reminded me of Revlons 'Facets of fuschia' but obviously with silver, what do you think?!

'Pink Friday' was the polish i was most excited to receive, a lovely creamy bubblegum pink. 
I've really been into pinks lately which is a bit surprising, i've never been much of a pink girl but i can' get enough of it now. Maybe i'm saving up for lost time? Who knows...
Anyway, this applies really well, slightly thick but it applies smoothly and i only needed two coats. There are probably plenty of dupes for this colour but i love the connection it has to Nicki Minaj (sucker for a good celebrity endorsement!) Have worn this almost continuously since i got it, will be sad when it's gone.

Finally 'Save Me'. A clear base packed with small silver glitter mixed with long, blue and holographic oblong glitters. I had seen so many people raving about this so was expecting something great but unfortunately, for me, it didn't live up to the hype. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely polish but the bars of blue and holographic glitter remind me of fur (is that weird?) when applied by itself so i would probably only use this over another polish like in the last picture. 
Again, this was pretty thick to apply but what do you expect from a polish filled with glitter? I used three coats to create an opaque look.

The collection also includes 'Did it on 'Em' (A yellow toned lime green colour), 'Fly' (A true teal) and 'Super Bass' (A glitter magenta shatter).

All in all i really liked this collection and was super happy with my choices. Maybe it's because i love Nicki Minaj or maybe i'm just a tiny bit in love with nail polish?
Probably both if we're honest.

Have you picked up any of this collection? Which one caught your eye the most?


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lush Superstar Bubble Bar

Superstar Bubble Bar-

This bubble bar came from one of the christmas sets of 2011 and i believe it was also available in pink with a yellow star.
I prefer the bubble bars over bath bombs because, not only do they last longer (i usually get two baths from one bar!), as the name suggests, they produce bubbles whereas the bath bombs tend not too.
This particular bubble bar was one of my favourite from the set, with scents of strawberry and geranium(?) it's a very 'clean' slightly herbal smell in my opinion, although i could be wrong.

Overall, I did love this product although i have to say, i am certainly not a fan of the colour it turned my water, i'd much rather have a pink/purple/green bath than a bath that looks like somebody used it as a toilet (eww!)

Did you manage to get your hands on this at christmas time? What were your thoughts?


E.L.F Beauty Clutch


Bronzer, Blushers and Face Shimmer

Lip Gloss

 Eyebrow Powder and Eyebrow Cream

As you may know from a previous post i am part of the 'Swatching team' for E.L.F's new website which will be launching in the coming months. Following the 6 in 1 beauty on the go set, as you can see i have swatched the Beauty clutch.*

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging of this product, the whole clutch shape is a little too 'young' for me but don't let that put you off.
Inside the clutch is a selection of 32 eyeshadows, a bronzer, 2 blushers, face shimmer (highlighter), 6 lip glosses and an eyebrow powder and cream. Everything you will need to create that perfect look.

The eyeshadows are nice and pigmented (i would say these are even more pigmented than the 6 in 1 beauty on the go) and are of a nice consistency. These seem to be easy to apply and easy to build.

As always, the blushers are my favourite part, i particularly like the lighter shade in this set however i'm not so sure on the shade of the bronzer.

The lip glosses were the real surprise of the clutch, very pigmented and soft.

Finally, i love the idea of having the eyebrow duo in the set, not many 'make-up all in ones' contain any sort of eyebrow products.

All in all this set is definitely worth the £7.50, especially if your looking for a makeup starter kit or a nice little set for on the go.
You can buy the Beauty Clutch on Eyeslipsface.co.uk

What do you think of this set, any part appeal to you in particular?


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nails of the day- Bunting

Models Own- Beth's Blue
Nails Inc- Oxford Circus
Barry M- Coral
Barry M- Mint Green
Models Own- Lemon Meringue
Barry M- Peach Melba
Models Own Nail Art Pen- Black
E.L.F- Twinkle


Friday, 3 February 2012

DIY: Make Up Storage

Everybody and their dog use their old beauty boxes for storage of make up, nail polish, jewellery etc and that is exactly what i had been doing. But let's face it, when you have a tonne of boxes piled up on top of each other it doesn't look that great so i did a bit of hard researching (or maybe i just googled...) of ways to re-use beauty boxes and came across this blog post. I needed to give it a go for myself.

What you will need: 

  • 4 beauty boxes
  • Scissors
  • Glue of some sort, i used a hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  1. First of all take 2 lids and cut one of the longer sides of each, these will be the sides for your drawers. (Pic. 3)
  2. Next take one of the boxes and cut off all of the sides leaving you with just the base. (Pic. 6)
  3. Glue the two sides (made in step 1) to the base (made in step 2) which will leave you with something that looks like picture 7.
  4. Now take another lid and cut off the two shorter sides and trim half of the longer sides. This will act as the backing for your drawers. (Pic. 9)
  5. Glue the backing (made in step 4) to the rest of the structure created in step 3. You should have something that looks like picture 10.
  6. Take the final lid and glue it to the top of the structure. (Pic. 11)
  7. Slide all of the remaining boxes in to create your drawers. (Pic. 12)
  8. Finally use your ribbon to decorate your drawers, hide any rough edges where you have cut the box and create little loops to use as handles to open the drawers.
My drawers seem to be quite stiff and tightly fitted at the moment so i need to figure out how to sort that out but apart from that i really love the outcome of this little project, the drawers look so much cuter than a pile of boxes after all.

What do you think? Will you be trying this for yourself?