Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Guest Post by 'The Beauty Habit'

Mascaras from L-R Top Row; 17 Peep Show (£6.29)/Soap and Glory Thick and Fast (£10)/L’Oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black (£10.99)/New CID Eye Flutter (£18.50). Bottom Row; Clinique High Impact (£16)/ Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara (£20)/ Sephora Full Action (Price unknown)/ Diorshow (£23)
Hi everyone. Whilst Charlotte is away being super busy she has kindly allowed me a little space on her blog.  My name is Lauren and I write over at “the beauty habit” ( Being a bit of a beauty junkie I am always on the hunt for the next big thing. Be it a foundation that lasts all day, a primer that makes my skin look radiant or a cleanser that keeps the pimples at bay.  The one thing I have never quite managed to seek out is the perfect mascara.  This year I decided I was going to go on a quest for longer, more luscious lashes.  I’d love to be able to commit to lash extensions but the upkeep is a little too much for me at the moment, so instead I grabbed a whole heap of mascaras, took pics and laid them side by side for direct comparison! I like to think I have a good spread, ranging from Bargain Basement 17 cosmetics to Dior and a bit of everything in between.
So what do I look for in my mascara; Volume, length and a very dark black colour that doesn’t flake.  I quite like the clumpy effect so separation is never high on my list of priorities.  Day to day I tend to favour the L’Oreal Telescopic as I find the application very quick and easy, it doesn’t make a lot of mess and it is the blackest mascara I own.  If I was going out for the evening I’d probably reach for the Double Wear as it is totally smudge proof and can be built up to achieve a lot of volume.
Seeing them laid out like this has totally changed my opinion. I actually like the Estee Lauder mascara the least! I think it makes my lashes look stumpy and doesn’t give them nearly enough length.  I’m also surprised at the Clinique High Impact which I would have expected something a lot more dramatic from.
So which one is my favourite? I’m surprised to say it’s the New CID i-flutter.  This is the first time I’ve properly tried this and I’m impressed.  I think they look volumised, lengthened and very very fluttery! The packaging is really chic, the handle feels nicely weighted and it’s long enough to hold comfortably. When I first saw the wand I didn’t think I was going to like it very much.  It’s a bristle wand which I do favour but it was a lot skinnier than Diorshow and wasn’t as nicely shaped as the 17 Peep Show.  But the mascara applied like a dream and I only needed one light coat to achieve the look photographed.
The one downfall is that it isn’t as black as I really like. On a special occasion I’d be tempted to use this and then apply a little L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black over the tips of my lashes.  But day to day it would be perfect.
Which is your favourite? Do you have any mascara recommendations?

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