Tuesday, 14 February 2012

E.L.F Beauty Clutch


Bronzer, Blushers and Face Shimmer

Lip Gloss

 Eyebrow Powder and Eyebrow Cream

As you may know from a previous post i am part of the 'Swatching team' for E.L.F's new website which will be launching in the coming months. Following the 6 in 1 beauty on the go set, as you can see i have swatched the Beauty clutch.*

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging of this product, the whole clutch shape is a little too 'young' for me but don't let that put you off.
Inside the clutch is a selection of 32 eyeshadows, a bronzer, 2 blushers, face shimmer (highlighter), 6 lip glosses and an eyebrow powder and cream. Everything you will need to create that perfect look.

The eyeshadows are nice and pigmented (i would say these are even more pigmented than the 6 in 1 beauty on the go) and are of a nice consistency. These seem to be easy to apply and easy to build.

As always, the blushers are my favourite part, i particularly like the lighter shade in this set however i'm not so sure on the shade of the bronzer.

The lip glosses were the real surprise of the clutch, very pigmented and soft.

Finally, i love the idea of having the eyebrow duo in the set, not many 'make-up all in ones' contain any sort of eyebrow products.

All in all this set is definitely worth the £7.50, especially if your looking for a makeup starter kit or a nice little set for on the go.
You can buy the Beauty Clutch on Eyeslipsface.co.uk

What do you think of this set, any part appeal to you in particular?



  1. Oooo I love this!! I must be the only person out there that hasn't tried the E.L.F range yet. Need to get ordering I think?! xx

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    1. Never tried E.L.F?! Defo check out the blushers x