Saturday, 24 March 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lydia Platforms

I was browsing through and came across these Jeffrey Campbell Lydia Platforms* and fell in love with them, the high heel, the platform, the GLITTER! I popped them in my cart and checked out. They arrived a couple of days later (very well packaged may i add) and i literally dived into the box.  I'm a sucker for good packaging and the shoe box is pretty amazing right? The shoes also came in their own individual dust bags too which is always a good sign of a well made pair of shoes.
I actually got these shoes at the beginning of December last year and have only just got round to blogging about them (shame on me!). I bought them to jazz up a plain christmas day outfit but never actually got round to wearing them. I did, however, wear these in the house for pretty much the whole day when they arrived (is that sad?!) and i felt amazing, they were surprisingly comfortable and fairly easy to walk in thanks to the lacing keeping your foot firmly in position. I just love how statement Jeffrey Campbells are and the glitter on these are simply to die for.
These shoes retail at £100 however were on sale for £80 at the time i received them. Unfortunately this particular pair don't seem to be available any longer on Zalando, but fear not, they have plenty more JC's to choose from including the ever famous Lita.

Have you ever bought from Zalando? What are your thoughts about buying shoes online?


Friday, 23 March 2012

Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails- Active Square

I often get people commenting on my nails on a day to day basis, wether it be online or in a shop handing over money. 
The most common question i get is 'Where do you get your nails done?' and when i reply saying i do them myself i get a disbelieving glance and then the '...How?!'
Well guys, this little box of goodness is my (not so big) secret, Nailene full cover nails in active square.

As the name suggests the box comes with 200 nails (12 different sizes) with a square finish. The nails themselves are very easy to apply, with a flexible base for a snug fit, taking no longer than 10 minutes to apply the full set. The length of the nails are a very manageable length for day to day wear however they can easily be filed down further if you prefer. The good range of sizes ensures you will find a great fit for each nail making application quicker and as simple as possible.
The box also comes with Nailene ultra quick nail glue (One of my holy grail products!) and a nail file.

This kit retails for around £7-8 in Boots and Superdrug however i always buy mine online (Ebay) and never pay more than £4-5!

I cannot recommend this product enough! I have been through 10+ of these already and will continue to re-purchase this over and over again.
For anybody who wants an easy affordable DIY manicure you definitely need to try this out. 


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer

Since my local Superdrug closed down, i have no longer been able to get my hands on my usual primer (GOSH Velvet Touch), so in hope to stumble across a new love i have been trying various samples and testers to no avail.
Last week i popped into to Boots for Nappies (for my little girl, not me!) and obviously just had to do my usual de-tour through the make up aisle. 17 were running a 3 for 2 offer so i had a quick browse and spotted the 'Photo Flawless Skin Primer', i couldn't find anything else i wanted but thought i would give it a go anyway. 
The Photo Flawless primer retails at £4.99 for 15ml which in my eyes is a bargain, especially because i genuinely really like this product.

As you can see from the pictures, the product comes in a squeezable tube which is perfect to control the amount you would like to dispense, a little product goes a very long way with this one so only a tiny amount is needed (about the size of a pea!)
The product itself is a white gel/cream which glides onto my skin with ease and feels super silky.
My pores do seem to be minimised when applied however i can't comment on the longevity it gives my foundation (i never wear it more than a few hours) and it doesn't stop my t-zone becoming oily (nothing ever does...*sigh*).

All in all, for such a small price it does big things. It gives a lovely smooth base for my foundation which overall gives my face a more flawless finish which is exactly what i want from a product.
I would definitely recommend this primer for anybody on a budget or wanting to save a few pennies, i know i for one will be re-purchasing.

Will you be giving up your usual primer to give this a go? What are you currently using?


Monday, 19 March 2012

MAC Powder Blush- Well Dressed

I have been eyeing up this powder blush from MAC for a while now so when i spotted it on with a voucher code for £11.43 i jumped at it.
Well dressed is a perfect cool toned pink with a satin finish. It has a perfect amount of shimmer, just enough to give you that healthy glow that everybody craves for at the moment.
I have only had this a few days but has fast become my everyday must have as it's such a natural wearable colour.

Do you own Well Dressed? What is your current everyday blush?


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sponsored Video: 17 Cosmetics Peep show mascara presents 'Who's checking who out' - Beca


*sponsored editorial*

For those of you who don't know, last year, 17 cosmetics launched a new campaign, a new and innovative way to spread the word about any new collections they release, they decided to go musical.

17 cosmetics decided to collaborate with new up and coming artists who are looking for their big break. They asked the artists to come up with a song inspired by their new collection/products, chose a winner and in return they helped to get the artist into the public eye by recording and releasing the song, a music video and promoting them on various other 17 cosmetics social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The most recent collaboration with 17 cosmetics is with Beca an electro pop artist all the way from New York City who wrote the song, 'Who's checking who out', inspired by the newly released Peep show mascara. The song is very 80's retro, electro pop, has a great beat and easy to have a dance too. I personally think it's a great song and an even greater way to advertise the latest in beauty.

Now, onto the inspiration behind the song, Peep show Mascara by 17.
Available from Boots in Black or Brown/Black for £6.29. 17 claims the 'fibre-rich formulation lengthens lashes from root to tip' giving you 'voluptuous volume and no clumps...just a full flirty flutter.'
To me this sounds like it has all the properties i love from a mascara and the packaging is pretty amazing, pink and lace, yes please!
The price i think is a little on the pricey side considering the brand however the reviews i have read on the boots website are nothing but praise. I may have to pick this up sooner rather than later.

So, what do you think, do you like the song and what do you think about this sort of advertising?
Have you tried this mascara, is it worth a buy?